Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria


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Who are the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians?

The Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria is a federally recognized tribe of Pomo and Pit River Indians. 

Official Tribal Name: Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians of the Big Valley Rancheria

Address:  2726 Mission Rancheria Rd, Lakeport Ca. 95453
Phone: 707-263-3924
Email: [email protected]

Official Website:  (No information there as of May 2016) 

Recognition Status:Federally Recognized

Traditional Name / Traditional Meaning:

Common Name / Meaning of Common Name:

Alternate names / Alternate spellings / Mispellings:

Name in other languages:

Region: California

State(s) Today: California

Traditional Territory:

Confederacy: Pomo


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Reservation: Big Valley Rancheria
Land Area:  
Tribal Headquarters:  
Time Zone:  

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Bands, Gens, and Clans

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There are also Pit River Indians included in:

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Art & Crafts:

The Pomo Indians are best known for their intricate basket weaving. Traditional Pomo Baskets are an expression of the soul of the weaver and are the most complex and developed in the world. In the video below, a local elder and a local anthropologist talk about basket making of the Sonoma area and the imminent loss of a sacred art form.







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Wedding Customs



Famous Pomo People:

Famous Pit River People

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