Culture & Tribal Customs

Culture and Tribal Customs

Native American heritage is a fabric of vibrant traditions, entrenched wisdom, and diverse communities.  Explore the rich fabric of Native American culture, where centuries-old customs continue to thrive in the modern world.

The indigenous peoples of North America offer fascinating insights into the time-tested traditions of their unique identities and ancestral ties to the land.

From the mighty tribes of the Great Plains to the serene Coastal communities, each group has its own unique customs, languages, and spiritual practices.

Join us as we explore the sacred rituals and ceremonies that bind Native American communities and foster a sense of collective identity and ancestral connection. Look for wisdom passed down from generation to generation, where stories are living testimony to their history, values ​​and resilience.

Taking in fascinating Native American cultures and customs, we will explore the challenges they face and the efforts they are making to preserve their heritage. By fostering understanding and respect, we can play a role in honoring their contributions and promoting cultural appreciation in a diverse world.



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List of top Native American Organizations

A list of native american resources serving native american communities.

Many Indians say, ‘no thanks’ to Thanksgiving

AUTHOR: Anju Kaur

Desiree Shelley’s family has observed Thanksgiving for generations, but
that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand the protests of fellow Indians who

A native of Baltimore, Shelley has roots in the Monacan tribe of Virginia.
Her father is part Monacan, a tribe that was “Christianized” shortly after
the Jamestown colonization in the early 1600s, she said.

“Even if some American Indians celebrate (the holiday), there is a
prevailing feeling of hurt for a lot of people,” Shelley said. “We have all
been assimilated and colonized. We have lost our history, our language and
our culture. What do you expect?”

Native American Culture Groups (1491-1607)

This video lesson for US History students summarizes the key characteristics of  five major Native American culture groups in North America at the time of European contact.

Sioux Culture: Games, Ceremonies, Religion, Social Organization
The Mother Blessingway Ceremony
Yup’ik and Cup’ik Culture