Snohomish Indians

The great village of Hibulb was the largest village of the Snohomish Indians. The village was built within a large palisade of upright cedar poles approximately 18 feet high.

The village was positioned so that the people could defend themselves against hostile tribe and communicate by messengers with the smaller villages along the shoreline.

Hibulb had the largest longhouse in Snohomish territory: 115 feet and 43 feet. In addition to the big longhouse, the village contained four smaller longhouses (100 feet by 40 feet) and other structures.The Snohomish have lived in this area for at least 2,000 years.

This particular site is probably not more than 3,000 years old according to archeologists, but tribal elders feel that it goes back to time immemorial. This was a large fishing and hunting village.