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Ancient History: Mystery of the Anasazi

One of the most popular and fascinating features of the southwest’s Canyon Country is the remains of the prehistoric Anasazi Indian civilization. The Anasazi thrived in the region for nearly 1,000 years leaving evidence of their extraordinary masonry talents everywhere.

The zenith of the Anasazi culture was reached in Chaco Canyon during the years 900-1100 C.E.

Black Indians of Wampanoag and African Heritage

Black Indians of Wampanoag and African heritage who take pride in their tribal heritage speak up about their struggle to be recognized as African Native Americans dealing with race, skintone, identity and acceptance as Black Indians.

“We Still Live Here – Âs Nutayuneân” by Anne Makepeace tells the story of how the Wampanoag are bringing their language and their culture back.

Brule – A Concert for Reconciliation of the Cultures

This full length concert filmed live at Mt. Rushmore reflects the combination of traditional American Indian musicality with modern electronics to produce an amazing listening and visual experience. It is an enjoyable 56 minutes long.


The Native dancers blending with the infectious melodies incorporates the rhythm of the Indian Spirit and the soul of past generations. The musicianship is excellent while the dance presentation and commentary adds to the depth of the music.

It is very hard to categorize this concert with it’s mixture of traditional and modern music styles,  but let it be said you will not soon forget it. The entire experience is mesmerizing and indeed blends the culture lines as only music can do.

The commentary by the MC and performers during the concert about their experiences in finding and/or blending their native cuture with the wider American culture is also enlightening and moving.

Not to mention Brule is one of the top musical groups in Indian Country today.

Keep an eye out for the Hoop Dance performed by a female World Class hoop dancer. Her footwork is amazing! Pop the video out to full screen size to really experience it.

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