Omaha Legends


Figures Frequently Featured in Omaha Legends

Hehakaha: A trickster figure who is often portrayed as a mischievous but lovable character. He is known for his clever pranks and his ability to outwit his opponents.

Wakonda: The Supreme Being in Omaha cosmology. Wakonda is often depicted as a benevolent Creator who watches over the Omaha people.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman: A sacred figure who is said to have brought the sacred pipe to the Omaha people. The White Buffalo Calf Woman is often depicted as a beautiful young woman who turns into a white buffalo.

The Four Winds are often seen as guardians of the Omaha people. Each wind is associated with a different direction and a different color.

The Thunderers are a group of powerful beings who are said to control the weather. The Thunderers are often depicted as a group of men who ride on horseback and carry lightning bolts.

The Water Spirits are a group of powerful beings who are said to live in the water. The Water Spirits are often depicted as beautiful women who lure men to their deaths.


Traditional Omaha Legend Story Titles:

  • The Creation Story
  • The Story of Hehakaha
  • The Story of Wakonda
  • The Story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
  • The Story of the Four Winds
  • The Story of the Thunderers
  • The Story of the Water Spirits
  • The Story of the Great Flood
  • The Story of the Lost Tribe
  • The Story of the Talking Rocks
  • The Story of the Magic Water
  • The Story of the Golden Eagle
  • The Story of the White Buffalo
  • The Story of the Sun Dance

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Buffalo and the Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear was going somewhere, following the course of a stream, and at last he went straight towards the headland. When he got in sight, Buffalo Bull was standing beneath it.

Grizzly Bear retraced his steps, going again to the stream, following its course until he got beyond the headland. Then he drew near and peeped.

He saw that Buffalo Bull was very lean, and standing with his head bowed, as if sluggish. So Grizzly Bear crawled up close to him, made a rush, seized him by the hair of his head, and pulled down his head.

Omaha Peace Pipe Legend

The Omaha people came across a great water on logs tied together. They pitched their tents on the shore. Then they thought to make for themselves certain bounds within which they were to live and rules which should govern them.

They cleared a space of grass and weeds so they could see each other’s faces. They sat down and there was no obstruction between them.

Rabbits and Turkeys Omaha Legend

According to an Omaha legend, Rabbit was going somewhere. At length he reached a place where there were wild Turkeys.“Come,” said Rabbit. “I will sing dancing songs for you.”

Turkeys went to him saying, “Oho! Rabbit will sing dancing songs for us!”

The Sacred Pole