Native American Homes

Native American Houses


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Earth lodges are dome shaped dwellings

Earth lodges are dome shaped dwellings similar to pithouses but generally much larger

Hogans of the Apache and Navajo

Hogans were made with a frame of logs and sticks and usually covered with mud.

Igloos were not year around homes

Igloos are dome shaped dwellings that are made from packed snow cut into blocks with a large knife.

Index of Native American Homes
Indian Housing – Wickiups
Lean-to shelters were used as temporary shelters
Pithouses are semisubterranean dwellings
Pueblos are the apartment like buildings
Seminole Homes are called chickees
Some Pacific Northwest coast indians lived in plank houses
The Caddo and the Wichita built grass homes
The Longhouse
Tipi Etiquette
Tipis are cone shaped tents
Types of Ancient Native American Homes
Wattle and Daub Indian Houses
Wigwams are domed shelters