Potawatomi Legends

Potawatomi Legends


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How the Potawatomi, the Ojibwe, and Ottawa united as one confederacy

Earthmaker made the world with trees and fields, with rivers, lakes, and springs, and with hills and valleys. It was beautiful. However, there weren’t any humans, and so one day he decided to make some.

Potawatomi Creation Story

There is a place that is far, far away and it is nowhere near earth and it is so far away that nobody can travel there from earth. This place is kind of like the North Pole because it is always winter time. There is a man that lives on this land and his name is Wisaka. Wisaka used to live on earth with his younger brother.

The Adventures of Raccoon

Once Raccoon was walking along the bank of a stream looking for something to eat. He was very hungry, but he found nothing.

The Men Who Visited the Sun
The Origin of Corn and Other Crops
The Origin of Tobacco
The Story of a Poor Man
The Story of Winter Snow
Turtle Goes to War
Waoniska: The Making of a Great Warrior