Mayan Astrology

Explore the fascinating world of Mayan astrology, an ancient system of divination based in the thriving Mayan civilization of Mesoamerica with a fascinating history of over two thousand years. Mayan astrology offers a unique perspective on its meaning, uniqueness, and our place in the universe.

This is different from popular Western astrology based on magical horoscopes. Instead of twelve constellations, the Maya based their astronomical system on thirteen celestial numbers and twenty days, a sacred calendar called Tjolk’in. This calendar has twenty named days, represented in the symbols that represents animals, nature and materials.

According to the Mayan belief system, our destiny is intimately connected to the universe. By combining our date of birth with the corresponding signs of the day, we can gain insight into our individual styles and unique traits.

Mayan astrology also recognizes the importance of cycles in our lives. One notable cycle is the “Year Bearer,” which occurs every 365 days. During this period, a specific day sign governs the entire year, bringing forth distinct opportunities and challenges. Understanding these cycles enables us to navigate our lives with a greater sense of purpose and alignment.

While Mayan astrology shares some similarities with Western astrology, it stands as a distinct system with its own set of symbols and interpretations. Its emphasis on cycles and the interplay between day signs and numbers sets it apart, offering a fresh perspective on our connection to the universe.

In our modern world, Mayan astrology continues to captivate those seeking alternative approaches to self-discovery and guidance. Its enduring cultural heritage invites us to explore the intricate web that connects us to the celestial realm, providing a valuable tool for personal growth and self-awareness.