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2004 Native American News Archive

Native American news and events that occurred in Indian Country in 2004.

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2004 Native American News Highlights

—The National Museum of the American Indian opened in Washington, D.C.

—Arlo Looking Cloud was convicted and received a life sentence for the murder of Anna Mae Aquash (also known as Annie Mae Pictou) in 1976, then the highest ranking female in the American Indian Movement.


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First Salmon Ceremony welcomes the returning salmon

TULALIP – Two fires burned on the dirt floor of the Tulalip longhouse, giving off smoke and bits of ash that wafted upward through openings in the top of the building. Hundreds of people filled the wooden platforms built into each side of the structure.

Join demonstration of unity on July 4th, 2004 to protect burial mounds

Native American Alliance to Protect Indian Burial Mounds
Demonstration of Unity July 4, 2004

Miracle, the white buffalo, has passed on to the spirit world

Miracle, the white buffalo, has passed on to the spirit world – Miracle is gone.

Miracle the buffalo, the symbol of peace, died at 11:07 p.m. Sunday on the
Dave and Valerie Heider farm in Janesville.

National Geographic magazine to feature story about ancient American people
Native American Groups fight to save Mounds
Native American Northwest powwows calendar
Red Lake Reservation teacher crowned Miss Indian World
Tonto Apaches team up on movie