Native American Prayers

Here is a collection of some beautiful Native American prayers and blessings.

Most Native American tribes were very spiritual, and their prayers emphasize a connection to the land and a universal oneness.

There are also some prayers that were used as part of wedding ceremonies.



Cherokee Wedding Prayer


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Apache Wedding Prayer

Here is an Apache Wedding Prayer.

Earth Healing Prayer

Earth Healing Ceremony prayer.

Haudenosaunee thanks giving prayer

Haudenosaunee thanks giving prayer….KEYWORDS: native american prayer thanksgiving prayer haudenosaunee prayer seneca prayer turtle clan prayer cornplanter tribe indian prayers prayer of thanks giving give thanks

AUTHOR: Family members state that the following prayer, as translated into English, was confirmed as being accurate by a woman who, at the time, was the hereditary Grandmother of the Turtle Clan of the Cornplanter Tribe of the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee. (She has since passed.)

Over the centuries, at the time of the “nut festival,” the Grandmother of the Turtle Clan would say the following prayer prior to everyone partaking in the feast that was part of the festival. The nut festival was held in late autumn, following the gathering of nuts and other food to store for winter.

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Lakota prayer for the dead
Let my spirit pass without shame
Sioux Indian Prayer: Teach us to walk the soft earth
Sioux Wedding Prayer
The Sacred Seven Prayer