Unrecognized Tribes A-Z

An alphabetical list of unrecognized American indian tribes of the United States A to Z.

These are groups known to self-identify as Native American tribes but that have not been recognized by the federal government (Bureau of Indian Affairs) nor by any state nor tribal government.

We do not necessarily endorse these organizations or the validity of their claims. We are just reporting what is out there and suggest you exercise your own due diligence in verifying their authenticity.

We would especially suggest further investigation of any organization that charges a membership or enrollment fee, or that does not require genealogy research and official documentation for enrollment.

Petitioners List for Federal Recognition by State



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Petitioners List for Federal Recognition by State

This is a list of American Indian tribes waiting for federal recognition by the US Government, organized by state. The list is current as of March 3, 1998 and was prepared by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, “Branch of Acknowledgment & Research.”