Extinct Southeast Indians

There are many extinct Southeast Indians.

Chesapeake Indians
Tribal Origin: Algonquian Family

Native Name: K’che-sepiack, mean ‘country on a great river’

Home Territories: Southern Virginia

Language: Unknown

Enemies: Powhatan

The Chesapeake Indians are believed to have been wiped out before the European settling of America.

Pensacola Indians
Tribal Origin: Mississippian culture

Native Name: Panzacola meant “long-haired people” or “hair people”

Home Territories: Pensacola, Florida region

Language: Muskogean language closely related to Choctaw

The historical Pensacola people lived in part of a region once occupied by a group that archaeologists call the Pensacola culture, a regional variation of the Mississippian culture that lasted from 1100 to 1700 CE.

The archaeological culture covers an area stretching from a transitional Pensacola/Fort Walton culture zone at Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida to the eastern side of the Mississippi River Delta near Biloxi, Mississippi, with the majority of its sites located along Mobile Bay in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta.

Sites for the culture stretched inland, north into the southern Tombigee and Alabama River valleys, as far as the vicinity of Selma, Alabama.