Native Trade Languages

Native American Trade Languages

Various miscellaneous native american languages such as pidgin languages, mixed languages, trade languages, jargon, and sign languages are discussed in this section.

American Indian Pidgin English
Algonquian-Basque pidgin (also known as Micmac-Basque Pidgin, Souriquois; spoken by the Basques, Micmacs, and Montagnais in eastern Canada)
Broken Oghibbeway (also known as Broken Ojibwa)
Broken Slavey
Bungee (also known as Bungi, Bungie, Bungay, or the Red River Dialect)
Callahuaya (also known as Machaj-Juyai, Kallawaya, Collahuaya, Pohena, Kolyawaya Jargon)
Carib Pidgin (also known as Ndjuka-Amerindian Pidgin, Ndjuka-Trio)
Carib Pidgin–Arawak Mixed Language
Chinook Jargon
Delaware Jargon (also known as Pidgin Delaware)
Eskimo Trade Jargon (also known as Herschel Island Eskimo Pidgin, Ship’s Jargon)
Greenlandic Pidgin (West Greenlandic Pidgin)
Haida Jargon
Inuktitut-English Pidgin (Quebec)
Jargonized Powhatan
Labrador Eskimo Pidgin (also known as Labrador Inuit Pidgin)
Lingua Franca Apalachee
Lingua Franca Creek
Lingua Geral Amazônica (also known as Nheengatú, Lingua Boa, Lingua Brasílica, Lingua Geral do Norte)
Lingua Geral do Sul (also known as Lingua Geral Paulista, Tupí Austral)
Loucheux Jargon (also known as Jargon Loucheux)
Media Lengua
Mednyj Aleut (also known as Copper Island Aleut, Medniy Aleut, CIA)
Michif (also known as French Cree, Métis, Metchif, Mitchif, Métchif)
Mobilian Jargon (also known as Mobilian Trade Jargon, Chickasaw-Chocaw Trade Language, Yamá)
Montagnais Pidgin Basque (also known as Pidgin Basque-Montagnais)
Nootka Jargon (spoken during the 18th-19th centuries; later replaced by Chinook Jargon)
Ocaneechi (also known as Occaneechee; spoken in Virginia and the Carolinas in early colonial times)
Pidgin Massachusett
Plains Indian Sign Language