Extinct Tribes W to Z

Extinct Tribes, Forgotten Names, or Alternate Names of North American Indians

An alphabetical list of extinct native american indian tribes of the United States starting with W to Z.

Each tribal profile explains who they were, where they lived, how they lived, an account of first contact with Europeans, population if known, and a brief explanation of what happed to them.

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Believed to be Extinct or Absorbed Into Other Tribes. Possibly Extinct? Some May be Canadian tribes? Or Alternate Names?



WAAKICUM, 30 m. up Columbia River, opposite the Cathlamats ; 400 in 1836

WABINGA, (Iroquois,) between W. branch of Delaware and Hudson r.

WACO, (Panis,) 800 in 1820, on Brazos River, 24 m. from its mouth.

WAHOWPUMS, on N. branch Columbia River, from Lapage r. upward ; 700 in 1806.

WAHPATONE, (Sioux,) rove in the country on N. W. side St. Peter’s River.

WAHPACOOTA, (Sioux ?) in the country S. W. St. Peter’s in 1805 ; never stationary.

WAMESITS, (Nipmuks,) once on Merrimac River, where Lowell, Mass., now is.

WAMPANOAG, perhaps the 3d nation in importance in N. E. when settled by the Eng

WAPPINGS, at and about Esopus in 1758 ; also across the Hudson to the Minsi.

WARANANCONGUINS, supposed to Lie the same as the Wappings. WASHAWS, on Barrataria Island in 1680, considerable ; 1805, at Bay St. Fosh, 5 only


WATEREES, once on the river of that name in S. Carolina, but long since extinct.

WATEPANETO, On the Padouca fork of the Platte, near Rocky Mts. ; 900 in 1820. WAWENOLS, (Abenakies,) once from Sagadahock to St. George River, in Maine.

WAXSAW, once in S. Carolina, 45 in. above Camden ; name still continues.

WEAS, or WAAS, (Kikapoos.) See OUIATANONS.

WEKISA, (Semin.,( 250 in 1820, W. side Chattahoochee, 4 m. above the Cheskitaloas.

WELcH, said to be on a southern branch of the Missouri.

WESTOES, in 1670, on Ashley and Edisto Rivers, in S. Carolina.

WETEPAHATO, with the Kiawas, in 70 lodges in 1805, Padouca fork of Platte River.

WHEELPO, on Clark’s River, from the mouth of the Lastaw; 2,500 in 1820;

W. R. WHIRIPOOLS, (Chikamaugas,) so called from the place of their residence.

WHITE, W. of Mississippi River; mentioned by many travellers.

WIGHCOMOCOS, one of the six tribes in Virginia in 1607, mentioned by Smith.

WILLEWAHS, (Chopunnish,) 501) in 1820, on Willewah r., which falls into Lewis’s.

WINNERAGO, on S. side Lake Michigan until 1832; Ottagamics, &c.

WOLF, Loupe of the French; several nations had tribes su called.

WOKKON, 2 leagues from the Tuscaroras in 1701 ; long since extinct.

WOLLAWALLA, on Columbia r., from above Muscleshell Rapids, W. Rocky Mts.

WYANDOTS, (Hurons,) a great seat at Sandusky in 1780; warlike.

WYCOMES, on the Susquchannah in 16.18, with some Oneidas, 250.

WYNIAWS, a small tribe in N. Carolina in 1701.




YAMACRAW, at the bluff of their name in 1732, near Savannah, about 140 men.

YAMASEE, S. border of S. Carolina; nearly destroyed in 1715 by English.

YAMPERACK, (Camanches,) 3 tribes about sources Brazos, del Norte, &c.; 1817, 30,00a

YANKTONS, in the plane country adjacent to E. side of the Rocky Mountains.

YATTASSEE, its Louisiana, 50 m. from Natchitoches, on a creek falling into Red r.

YAZOOS, formerly upon the river of their name ; extinct in 1770.

YEAHTENTANEE, on banks St. Joseph’s r., which flows into L. Michigan, in 1760.

YEHAH, above the rapids of the Columbia in 1820; 2,800, with some others.

YELRTPOO, (Chopunnish,) 250 in 1820, on Weancum r., under S. W. Mountain. YoulcoxE, on the Pacific, next N. of the mouth of Columbia River; 700 in 1820



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Westo Indians

The Westo Indians lived in South Carolina along the central Savannah River in Colleton County. They apparently became extinct sometime before the early 1700s.