Keres Language Isolate

Keres is a language isolate but there is significant diversity between the Western and Eastern groups, and these are commonly counted as separate languages.

Keresan is a dialect cluster spoken by the Keres Pueblo people of New Mexico. Each of the seven dialect clusters are mutually intelligible with its closest neighbors.

Eastern Keres
Total of 4,580 speakers (1990 census)

Cochiti Pueblo: 384 speakers (1990 census)
San Felipe-Santo Domingo:

San Felipe Pueblo: 1,560 speakers (1990 census),
Santo Domingo Pueblo: 1,880 speakers (1990 census)

Zia–Santa Ana:

Zia Pueblo: 463 speakers (1990 census)
Santa Ana Pueblo: 229 speakers (1990 census)

Western Keres
Total of 3,391 speakers (1990 census)

Acoma Pueblo: 1,696 speakers (1980 census)
Laguna Pueblo: 1,695 speakers (1990 census)