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Tribal Games


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ancient sla-hal bones identified, also known as the Bone Game or Stick Game

Sla-Hal, Bone Game, or Stick Game are three ways to call a very popular game played amongst Northwestern Indian Tribes. Indian people of all ages have enjoyed gathering and participating in this exciting and traditional game for generations. Since time immemorial, some in the Pacific Northwest tribes say. And now there’s physical proof.

Chunkey, a native american game

Chunkey (also known as chunky, chenco, tchung-kee or the hoop and stick game) is a game of Native American origin. It was played by rolling disc-shaped stones across the ground and throwing spears at them in an attempt to place the spear as close to the stopped stone as possible.

Evolution of Native American Stickball into the modern game of LaCrosse

This is a historical timeline of the evolution of the native american stickball game into the modern game of LaCrosse.

The Little Brother of War, Choctaw Stickball