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Extinct Tribes, Forgotten Names, or Alternate Names of North American Indians

An alphabetical list of extinct native american indian tribes of the United States starting with N.

Each tribal profile explains who they were, where they lived, how they lived, an account of first contact with Europeans, population if known, and a brief explanation of what happed to them.

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Believed to be Extinct or Absorbed Into Other Tribes




Possibly Extinct? Some May be Canadian tribes? Or Alternate Names?

NABEDACHES, (Caddo,) on branch Sabine, 15 m. above the Inies; 400 in 1805.

NABIJOS, between N. Mexico and the Pacific ; live in stone houses, and manufacture.

NANDAKOES, 120 in 1805, on Sabine, 60 m. W. of the Yattassees ; (Caddo.)

NANTIKOKES, 1711, on Nantikoke River; 1755, at Wyoming; same year went west.

NARCOTAR, the name by which the Sioux know themselves.

NARRAGANSETS, S. side of the bay which perpetuates their name; nearly extinct.

NASHUAYS, (Nipmuks,) on that river from its mouth, in Massachusetts.

NATCHEZ, at Natchez ; discovered, 1701 ; chiefly destroyed by French, 1720.

NATCHITOCHES, once at that place; 100 in 1804; now upon Red River.

NATEOTETAINS, 200 in 1820, W. R., on a river of their name, W. of the Facullies.

NATIKS, (Nipmuks,) in Massachusetts, in a town now called after them.

NECHACOKE, (Wappatoo,) 100 in 1820, S. side Columbia, near Quicksand r., W. R.

NEEKEETOO, 700 in 1820, on the Pacific, S. of the Columbia, beyond the Youicone.

NEMALQUINNER, (Wappatoo,) 200 in 1820, N. side Wallaumut River, 3 m. up.

NIANTIES, a tribe of the Narragansets, and in alliance with them, p. 131.

NICARIAGAS, once about Michilimakinak ; joined Iroquois in 1723, as seventh nation

NIPISSINS, (original Algonkins,) 400 in 1764, near the source of Ottoway River.

NIPMUICS, eastern interior of Mass. ; 1,500 in 1775 ; extinct. See p. 82, 104, 164, 276.

NORRIDGEWOKS, (Abenakies,) on Penobscot River. See Book iii. 303, 311.

NOTTOWAYS, on Nottoway River, in Virginia; but 2 of clear blood in 1817.

NYACKS, (Mohicans,) or MANHATTANS, once about the Narrows, in New York.



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Nacisi Tribe Fact Sheet

Brief Summary:

The Nacisi tribe were a small tribe, possibly of Caddoan stock, formerly dwelling in the region of Red River, Louisiana. They were first mentioned by Joutel in 1687, at which time they were at odds with the Cenis (Caddo confederacy).

Pensacola Indians

The Pensacola Indians were a Native American people who lived in the western part of what is now the Florida Panhandle and eastern Alabama for centuries before first contact with Europeans until early in the 18th century. They spoke a Muskogean language. They are the source of the name of Pensacola Bay and the city of Pensacola. They lived in the area until the mid-18th century, but were thereafter assimilated into other groups.