Yuman Language

The languages of the Yuman tribes are classified into the Yuman language family, which may form part of the hypothetical Hokan linguistic phylum.

The Yuman are Native American tribes who live along the lower Colorado River in Arizona and California, as well as in Baja California. The River Yumans, including the Mohave, Cocopah, Maricopa, and Quechan tribes, inhabited the areas along the Colorado River near the junction with the Gila River.

The Upland Yumans, including the Hualapia, Havasupai, Yavapai, Kumeyaay (Diegueño), Kiliwa, and Paipai tribes, lived near the Grand Canyon and areas of Southern California, particularly Baja California.


Yuman Language Families

         Cochimi (1)
               Cochimi  (Mexico)
          Delta-Californian (2)
               Cocopa (Mexico)
               Kumiai   (Mexico)
         Kiliwa (1)
              Kiliwa (Mexico)
         Pai (1)
              Paipai (Mexico)
        River Yuman (3)
             Maricopa (United States)
            Mohave (United States)
             Quechan  (United States)
       Upland Yuman (1)
            Havasupai-Walapai-Yavapai (United States)


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Mohave Indians

The Mohave occupied some territory in the neighborhood of the Colorado River. The Mohave belong to the Yuman linguistic family.