Bigfoot Legends

Wild Men or Stick Indians -A race of tall Indians, called “wild” or “stick” Indians, was said to wander through the forests of the Salish people. In general conversation they were referred to as tsiatko although another term, steta’l, from ta’l, spear, could also be applied to them. Also called Seatco.

Similar to the modern day Big Foot. Occasionally, they stole children or adolescents and carried them off to act as wives or as slaves. Seatco tales were used to scare disobedient children.

Stuwi-nu-tu (also pronounced Stwy-Ni-Toe) is described as being about 8 feet tall, with long, shaggy hair and a beard. It is said to be very strong and agile, and it is often seen walking upright on two legs. The Stuwi-nu-tu is also said to be very intelligent, and it is said to be able to communicate with humans. It sometimes captures women for wives and children for slaves.

There are many stories and legends about the Stuwi-nu-tu, and it is a creature that is feared and respected by many Native Americans.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of any of these creatures, and it is generally considered to be a cryptid.

Some people think they are alien beings, due to their ability to be in one place, then disappear without a trace very quickly.

There are many native American legends of Bigfoot like creatures.
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