The Crow Hop


Last Updated: 5 years

A unique form of dancing which has developed within the Indian culture is the Crow Hop. It has also been called the Skip Dance and the Jump Dance.

Men's Crow Hop - Fancy Dancers

Men’s Crow Hop – Fancy Dancers

This dance is part of the repertoire in every competitive dance function, especially in the Men’s Traditional and Fancy Dance. (This dance is different from the Salish Jump Dance, which is a religious ceremony.)

This dance was developed in the 1900s and done with a specific rhythm of the drum beat. When the Crow Hop is performed, the singers find the music and drum beat easier to follow than the typical intertribal music beat.

When dancers execute the Crow Hop, they have a feeling of exhilaration. The Crow Hop is a change of pace for dancers and is dramatic to watch.