Owl Dance


Last Updated: 5 years

The Owl Dance is performed by couples to the beat of a hand drum. It is performed at social events and all ages participate.

Owl Dance

Owl Dance

A prominent social dance of the Blackfoot people, the Owl Dance is a couples dance that moves to the swaying beat of the drum and lively melodies of the singers.

In the past, Owl Dances were for courting and socializing. Social occasions, such as the Owl Dance, were fun times for people of all ages. People had the opportunity to relax, sing, dance, visit, and tell stories. It was at the Owl Dance where boys or young men could dance with girls they liked, under the watchful eyes of family members.

Partners would stand side by side and with uniform shuffling steps, keep time to the drum beat, while dancing around a large circle.

Girls or young women could also choose a dance partner for the Owl Dance. If a male refused a ladies offer to dance, he was required to pay her a gift.

Performed rarely these days, the Owl Dance and its songs still inspire good feelings and camaraderie for the dancers and singers.