Iroquois Old Moccasin Dance


Last Updated: 6 years

The Iroquois Old Moccasin Dance was originally called an Apple Dance, which was a ceremony dance (the Fruit Dance). The purpose of this dance was changed throughout time to what we now know as the Old Moccasin Dance.

This native american video demonstrates the Iroquois Old Moccasin Dance and Social songs performed by lead singer & drummer Jordan Smith of the Bear Clan, and Iroquois dancers.

The dance starts out with two male partners; they will get up as soon as the song starts. If you listen to the drum it will tell you when to begin dancing, usually after the intro beat.

When you hear the slow beat that will be the time to change places with your partner.

When the partners are back in place then the women will come in between the men so it will be boy, girl, girl, boy. The partners will then be a boy and girl and they will continue to switch so it be girl, boy, boy, girl until the song is done.

The foot work is a 1, 2 step going with the beat of the drum.