Extinct Tribes C

Extinct Tribes, Forgotten Names, or Alternate Names of North American Indians

An alphabetical list of extinct native american indian tribes of the United States starting with C.

Each tribal profile explains who they were, where they lived, how they lived, an account of first contact with Europeans, population if known, and a brief explanation of what happed to them.


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Believed to be Extinct or Absorbed Into Other Tribes




Possibly Extinct? Some May be Canadian tribes? Or Alternate Names?


CADODACHE, (Nacogdochet,) on Angelina r., 100 m. above the Nechez; 60 in 1820.

CAIWAS, or KAIWA, on main Canada River, and S. of it in 1830.

CALASTHOCLE, N. Columbia, on the Pacific, next N. the Chillates; 200 in 1820.

CALLIMIX, coast of the Pacific, 40 m. N. Columbia River; 1,200 in 1820.

CAMANCHES, (Shoshone,) warlike and numerous; in interior of Texas.

CANARSEE, on Long Island, N. Y., in 1610, from the W. end to Jamaica.

CANCES. (Kansas,) 1805, from Bay of St. Bernard, over Grand r., toward Vera Cruz

CANIBAS, (Abenaki,) numerous in 1607, and after; on both sides Kennebeck River.

CARANKOCA, on peninsula of Bay of St. Bernard, Louisiana; 1,500 in 1805.

CAREE, on the coast between the Nuaces and Rio del Norte; 2,600 in 1817.

CARRIERS, (Nateotetains,) a name given the natives of N. Caledonia by traders.

CASTARANA, between sources Padouca fork and Yellowstone; 5,000 in 1805.

CATAKA, between N. and S. forks of Chien River; about 3,000 in 1804.

CATAWBA, till late, on their river in S. Carolina; 1,500 in 1743, and 450 in 1764.

CATHLACUMUPS, on main shore Columbia River, S. W. Wappatoo i.; 450 in 1820.

CATHLAKAHIKIT, at the rapids of the Columbia, 160 m. up; 900 in 1820.

CATHLAKAMAPS, 80 in. up Columbia River; about 700 in 1820.

CATHLAMAT, on the Pacific, 30 m. S. mouth of Columbia River; 600 in 1820.

CATHLANAMIENAMEN,,on an island in mouth of Wallauuurt River; 400 in 1820.

CATHLANAQUIAH, (Wappatoo,) S. W. side Wappatoo Island; 400 in 1820.

CATHLAPOOTLE, on Columbia River, opposite the Cathlakamaps; 1,100 in 1820.

CATHLAPOOYA, 500 in 1820, on the Wallaumut River, 60 m. from its mouth.

CATHLASKO, 900 in 1820, on Columbia River, opposite the Chippanchikchiks.

CATHLATHLA, 900 in 1820, on Columbia River, opposite the Cathlakahikits.

CATHLATH, 500 in 1820, on the Wallaumut River, 60 in. from its mouth.

CATTANAUAW, between the Saskashawan and Missouri Rivers, in 1805.

CACGHNEWAGA, places where Christians lived were so called.

CHACTOO, on Red River; in 1805, but 100; indigenous; always lived there.

Chakchiuma – Alternate name: Shaktci

Chalon – Alternate name: Soledad

CHAOUANONS, the French so called the Shawanese; (Chowans ?)Chemainus – Alternate name: Tsa-mee-nis

CHEEGEE, (Cherokees,) 50 to 80 m. S. of them; called also Mid. Settlement, 1780.

CHEHAWS, small tribe on Flint River, destroyed by Georgia militia in 1817.

CHEPEYAN, claim from lat. 600 to 65°, long. 1000 to 110° W.; 7,500 in 1812.

CHEROKEE, in Georgia, S. Carolina, &c., till 1836; then forced beyond the Mississippi.

CHESKITALOWA, (Seminoles,) 580 in 1820, W. side Chattahoochee.

Chichimeca – Alternate names: Caxcanes, Guachichiles, Jonáz, Opata, Pame, Tecuexes, Úza, Zacateco

CHIEN, (Dog ) near the sources Chien River; 300 in 1805; 200 in 1820.

CHIHEELEESH, 40 m. N. of Columbia River; 1,400 in 1820.

CHICKASAW, between heads of Mobile River in 1780; once 10,000; now in Arkansas.

CHIPPANCHIKCHIKS, 60 in 1820, N. side Columbia River, 220 in. from its mouth.

CHIKAHOMINI, on Matapony River, Va., in 1661; but 3 or 4 in 1790; now extinct.

CHIKAMAUGAS, on Tennessee River, 90 m. below the Cherokees, in 1790.

CHILLATES, 156 in 1820, on the Pacific, N. Columbia River, beyond the Quieetsos.

CHILLUKITEQUAU, on the Columbia, next below the Narrows ; 1,400 in 1820.

CHILTZ, N. of Columbia River, on the Pacific, next N. of the Killaxthocles.

CHIMNAHPUM, on Lewis River, N. W. side of the Columbia; 1,800 in 1820.

CHINNOOK, on N. side Columbia River; in 1820, about 400 in 28 lodges.

CHIPPEWAS, about Lake Superior, and other vast regions of the N., very numerous.

CHITIMICHA, on W. bank Miss. River in 1722; once powerful, then slaves.

CHOKTAW, S. of the Creeks; 15,000 in 1812; in 1848 in Arkansas.

CHOPUNNISH, on Kooskooskee River; 4,300 in 1806, in 73 lodges.

CHOWANOK, (Shawanese ?) in N. Carolina, on Bennet’s Creek, in 1708; 3,000 in 1630.

CHOWANS, E. of the Tuscarora in N. Carolina; 60 join the Tuscarora in 1720.

CHRISTENAUX, only another spelling of KNISTENAUX, which see. CLAHCLELLAH, 700 in 1820, on the Columbia River, below the rapids.

CLAKSTAR, W. R., on a river flowing into the Columbia at Wappatoo Island. CLAMOCTOMICII, on the Pacific, next N. of the Chiltz; 260 in 1820.

CLANIMATAS, on the S. W. side of Wappatoo Island; 200 in 1820, W. R.

CLANNARMINIMUNS, S. W. side of Wappatoo Island; 280 in 1820, W. R.

CLSTSOPS, about 2 m. N. of the mouth of Columbia River; 1,300 in 1820.

CLARKAMES, on a river of their name flowing into the Wallaumut; 1,800 in 1820. CNEIS, on a river flowing into Sabine Lake, 1690; the COENIS of Hennepin, probably.

COHAKIES, nearly destroyed in Pontiak’s time; in 1800, a few near Lake Winnebago.

COLAPISSAS, on E. bank Mississippi in 1720, opposite head of Lake Pontchartrain.

Comox – Alternate names: Catloltx, K’ómoks

CONCHATTAS came to Appalousas in 1794, from E. the Mississ.; in 1801, on Sabine.

CONGAREES, a small tribe on Congaree River, S. Carolina, in 1701; long since gone.

Conoy – Alternate names:  Acquintanacsuak, Ganawese, Piscataway

CoNOYS, perhaps Kanliawas, being once on that river; (Canais, and variations.)

COOKKOO-OOSE, 1,500 in 18016, coast of Pacific, S. of Columbia r., and S. of Killawats.

COOPSPELLAR, on a river falling into the Columbia, N. of Clark’s; 1,600 in 1806.

COOSADAS, (Creeks,) once resided near the River Tallapoosie.

Copane – Alternate name: Kopano, Quevenes

COPPER, so called from their copper ornaments, on Coppermine River, in the north.

Cora – Alternate Name: NayaritCoree – Alternate name: Coranine

CORONKAWA, on St. Jacintho River, between Trinity and Brazos; 350 in 1820.

COWLITSICK, on Columbia River, 62 m. from its mouth, in 3 villages; 2,400 in 1820.

CREEES, (Tuscaroras,) on Neus River, N Carolina, in 1700, and subsequently.

CREEKS, (Muscogees,) Savannah r. to St. Augustine, thence to Flint r., 1730.

CREES, (Lynx, or Cat,) another name of the Knistenaux, or a part of them.

CROWS, (Absorokas,) S. branches of the Yellowstone River; 45,000 in 1834.

Cuthead – Alternate name: Pabaksa

CUTSAHNIM, on both sides Columbia River, above the Sokulks; 1,200 in 1820.