Pow Wow Rules for Dancers


Last Updated: 5 years

Each pow wow has a set of pow wow rules for the dancers competing for prize money. These are the general pow wow rules in effect at most pow wows.

1. All Dancing Contest participants entering the Dancing Contest are required to register for prize money.

2. Dancing Contest participants are required to participate in all Grand Entries.

3. Dancers must be in full dress and ready to go 10 minutes before Grand Entry time. Twenty points will be deducted for failure to participate in the Grand Entry; 20 points will be added for participating.

4. Dancers competing in various dance contests are eligible to sing with a singing group provided they are registered with that group.

5. Dancers must, at all times, keep in time with the drum beat. Bells must be worn, with a few exceptions.

6. Should a contestant lose any part of his/her outfit during the contest, he/she will be disqualified for that session.

7. Upon completion of the song and last beat of the drum, both feet must be on the ground. The body can be in any position.

8. Trick songs can be used, except in the finals. (Trick songs contain unexpected beats designed to throw dancers who are unfamiliar with the song off the beat.)

9. No dancer shall dance under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This will be considered an automatic disqualification for that session.