Famous Utes

Famous Ute chiefs, leaders, and other people of note.

  • Chief Walkara, also called Chief Walker. Most prominent Chief in the Utah area when the Mormon Pioneers arrived. Leader during the Walker War.
  • Sanpitch, Chief of the Sanpete tribe. A brother of Chief Walkara. Sanpete County is named for him.
  • Black Hawk, Son of Chief San-Pitch. Noted War leader during the Utah Black Hawk War (1865–72).
  • Chief Ouray, leader of the Uncompahgre band of the Ute tribe
  • Chipeta, Ouray’s wife and Ute delegate to negotiations with federal government
  • R. Carlos Nakai, Native American flutist
  • Joseph Rael, (b. 1935), dancer, author, and spiritualist
  • Raoul Trujillo, dancer, choreographer, and actor
  • Polk, Ute-Paiute chief
  • Posey, Ute-Paiute chief