Black Creeks adopted through the Dawes Commission between 1898 and 1916


Last Updated: 20 years

Note that many of these names appear in other Indian nation lists, and their appearance here does not provide proof of Black Indian Ancestry.

In addition to these items, it is recommended that the researcher obtain as much oral history as possible on the family, and then locate the Dawes records on the family, including the names of ancestors on the Enrollment Cards and other pertinent records.

Note that since the Creek Freedmen are from Oklahoma, this list is not representative of the Creek Nation of Alabama.

A                   Culley            Hill            Moore           Sango
Abrams Cully Hills Morey Scales
Adams Curns Hobbs Morgan Scott
Add Curtis Hodge Morris Scruggs
Adkins Cyrus Holloway Morrison Seaman
Alberty Holmes Mosley Sears
Alec D Homer Mullen Segro
Aleck Dan Hope Mure Sells
Alex Daniels Horn Murphy Serrell
Alexander Davis Houston Murray Sevel
Allen Davison Howard Murrell Sewel
Andrew Dean Hudson Murrill Sewell
Andy Deleny Hughes Myers Sharper
Ard Deloney Hunley Myles Shaw
Asbury Dennis Hutton Shawnee
Atkins Derisaw N Shelton
Austin Dindy I Nail Shepard
Dixon Irving Nash Sherman
B Doil Isaac Nave Shields
Bailey Dolman Isaacs Neal Shoals
Baker Douglass Island Nero Shoto
Ballard Downs Nevens Siah
Banks Doyle J Nevins Sier
Barber Drake Jack Newell Simmons
Barker Draper Jackson Newman Simon
Barnes Drew Jacobs Nichols Sims
Barnett Duff James Nix Skeeter
Barnette Dunbar Jameson Noble Smith
Barrett Durant Jamison Nomman Sneed
Bates Dyle Jefferson Norfer Snowden
Batt Jimmerson Norwood Solomon
Batts E Joans Sookey
Bean Easley Job O Spaks
Bear Eastman Johnson Olden Spencer
Beaver Edwards Jonas Oldham Spring
Bell Epperson Jones Osborn Standford
Berry Escoe Osborne Stanford
Berryhill Eubanks K Overton Starr
Billy Evans Kanard Owen Staten
Birney Everett Kell Owens Steadham
Bishop Kelley Stendham
Blackburn F Kelly P Stephens
Blackstone Factor Kemp Parker Stepney
Boone Faro Kennedy Parlor Stevens
Bowleg Faster Kernal Paro Stewart
Bowlegs Fee Kernel Patrick Stidham
Bowman Fester Keyes Patterson Street
Boyd Fields Keys Payne Stroy
Bradberry Fife Kidd Pea Sugar
Bradford Fink King Perkins
Brady Fisher Knowles Perry T
Brewster Flannagan Krooms Perryman Tab
Brinkley Flint Peter Tanner
Bristor Flowers L Peters Taylor
Broadnax Flynn Lacy Peterson Tecumseh
Brooks Folsom Lampkins Pettitt Thomas
Brown Ford Landrum Philips Thompson
Bruner Foreman Lawrence Phillips Thursday
Buckner Forman Lee Pierce Tiger
Buffington Foster Leffard Pippins Tipton
Bumpus Fox Lester Poldo Tittle
Bunn Frances Lewis Pompey Tobey
Burgess Francis Lincoln Pond Tobler
Burnett Franklin Little Ponds Toliver
Burney Frazier Logan Porlar Tolliver
Burton Froe Loneon Porter Tom
Butler Fryday Long Post Toney
Byrd Fulsom Love Postoak Trotter
Lovett Potts Tucker
G Low Pratt Turner
C Gains Lowe Price Typer
Canada Garmon Lowery Primmer
Canard Garrett Luckey Primous V
Cannon Gaskine Lucy Primus Vann
Carlina Gates Lunnon Prince Vannoy
Carliner Gaylord Luster Pyles Vaughn
Carnard Geary Lyons Verner
Carolina Gentry Q Vincent
Carr Gibson M Quabner Virgel
Carson Gilbert Mackey Quinn
Carter Glover Mahardy W
Ceasar Golden Makins R Wade
Chambers Gooden Malvern Ragen Walcot
Charles Gordan Malvery Ragsdale Walden
Childers Graham Manac Randolph Walker
Childs Grant Manuel Rector Wallace
Choteau Gray Marshal Redmon Wallas
Clark Grayson Martin Redmond Walton
Clayton Green Mathews Redmouth Wamble
Clinton Gregory Mayberry Reed Ware
Coats Greyson Mayes Rentie Warner
Cobb Griffin Mayfield Rice Warrior
Cobbrey Griggs Mayson Richard Washington
Cohee Grimmett McClain Richards Watson
Colbert Guess McDaniel Riley Webber
Cole Gwin McGee Roane Webster
Coleman McGilbra Robbins Welch
Collin H McGilbray Roberson Welsh
Colling Hamilton McGirt Roberts Wheat
Colly Hammonds McHenry Robertson White
Conner Hampton McIntosh Robins Williams
Connor Hardgray McKellop Robinson Willis
Cooks Hardrige McKinney Robison Wilson
Coon Harper McNac Rodgers Wisner
Corbray Harris McNack Roe Wofford
Cousins Harrison McSimms Rogers Wollard
Cowans Harrod McSims Rorex Woodall
Cox Harvey Meriwether Rose Woodard
Crabtree Hasup Mike Ross Woodley
Craig Hawkins Miles Rowe Woods
Crane Hayes Miller Russell Wright
Craw Haynes Millett
Crossley Henderson Mimms S Y
Crosslin Henry Minas Samuel Young
Cruel Herod Minnis Samuels
Cudjo Hershey Monday Sancho
Cudjoe Hickles Monroe Sanders
Cuff Higginbottom Moody Sandy