What do the flags in a grand entry mean?


Last Updated: 18 years


Do you have any information on what the flags mean at grand entries and the specific purpose?

The presentation of flags at a pow wow Grand Entry mean the same as they do at any anglo gathering, like a rodeo or sporting event, for example. They represent the country or tribe associated with their features and are a sign of honor to that country or nation.

Flags representing an Indian nation are unique to that nation just like the American or Canadian flag is unique to the country it represents, because all tribes are sovereign nations. Each symbol on the flag has a specific meaning unique to that tribe, just as the stars and strips on the American flag represent specific things to Americans or the maple leaf represents something to Canadians. There are more than 600 recognized Indian tribes, and most have their own flag with it’s own symbolism.

All the flag bearers in a Grand Entry are veterans of some war, and they represent all fallen warriors. Being asked to carry a flag is considered an honor.