Spirits In The Sky


Last Updated: 21 years As we sat around the Sacred Fire

Calling out to the Spirits

Which haunt the deep and dark,

One by one they came to us.

They sat and they talked.

This is what they had to say

To all of us there

Who took the time to honor

The Heritage we bear.

We are with you always

Though your numbers may be few.

But, what We chant now

Is how you’ll know it’s true.

We are the stars which sing

In the night time sky.

We sing for you to see our light.

We do not fade as time goes by.

We are the birds of Fire

That bring the colors of Dawn.

We fly over the sky

When Sunset is upon.

Our light is a voice

Whispered in the Willow.

Listen for it’s guidance

To help you with your strife.

We look down on the mountains

And blanket the forest in snow

To help you to remember

How the circle of life does flow.

So look to all of Nature,

The lessons are all there.

And keep the Sacred Fire

So Our Spirits with Wisdom

May come and share!