Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy Exposes Federal State & Local Government in Crim


Last Updated: 21 years

MAY 21, 2003: United Nations Headquarters 1st & 44th Street in New York, NY, a scheduled press conference on front steps of United Nations Headquarters May 22, 2003 at 11AM est

A Citizen of the Haudenosaunee, the Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy, exposes Federal State & Local Government in Criminal & Civil rights violations presently occurring in central NY State and asks the United Nations to give her asylum from the United States government and those placed in control of her Oneida Indian Nation by the US Government.

Video Footage and Documentation back the allegations of Danielle Shenandoah-Patterson, a member of the Onyota’a;ka (Standing Stone People) who has been made homeless and a refugee from her sovereign Oneida Indian Territory by those placed into power and supported by the US Government.

Ms. Shenandoah-Patterson states: “I came to United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous People to join other indigenous people also seeking protection from and assistance against US policies furthering the demise of the cultural existence and sovereignty of the Native People.

I and other families of the Oneida Indian Territory have suffered and are facing further oppressive abuse of civil and human rights including arbitrary arrest, imprisonment and demolition of our privately purchased and owned homes, all as punishment for speaking out against those placed into power by the US.

Those in control of the Oneida Indian Nation were put there by the US because they would continue the cultural genocide and sell our people into the slavery called “casinos” in order to become income tax generators for the State budget rather than taxing wealthy non-Indians.

They are selling the heritage and lands of my children for a ‘treaty’ called a ‘gambling compact’ and a share of casino profits. The BIA has unclean hands in this.”

Because of US Policies towards indigenous people, Shenandoah-Patterson has asked the UN for political asylum because the US does not protect the indigenous people within its own borders from religious persecution, especially when done by those placed into power by the US government.

Shenandoah-Patterson continues : “The Oneida Indian Nation of New York is in all actuality a “Casino Cartel” disguised as an ‘Indian’ Nation. The ‘People of the Turning Stone’ do NOT represent the Traditional Haudenosaunee People of the Standing Stone. The Turning Stone People have turned their backs on ALL Traditional values and beliefs.

What we have here is a modern day Hitler who has locked our Long House (our sacred spiritual building); banished our ceremonies; demolishing our private homes and made Traditional Iroquois families refugees from their own homeland and forced us to become wards of the State of New York.”

Shenandoah-Patterson also represents the United Native Nations Truth Network and Voice Confederation and Onyota’a;ka Indian Territory Community. She also charges that the BIA and US violated the sovereignty of the Oneida Indian Nation, and the Treaties of the Haudenosaunee with the US by rejecting the decision of the Traditional Haudenosaunee leaders and supporting a self appointed leader who created a whole new form of government not based on any traditions.

The PEOPLE OF THE STANDING STONE will be holding a special prayer vigil on Thursday, May 22, 2003 from 8:00am until 11:00 am when Danielle Shenandoah-Patterson will begin the process which they will all eventually have to endure, of seeking political asylum with the United Nations. At 11 am it is requested that all unify in prayer.

For more information contact:
Diane Shenandoah
P.O. Box 555
5 Territory Road
Oneida, New York

Diane Shenandoah, “We thank you all for your support and your prayers. It is now in the hand of the Creator.

don nay to.”