FELTER V. NORTON.. Response brief filed for Uinta Mixed Bloods of Utah


Last Updated: 6 years

Just wanted to let everyone know that our attorney, Dennis G. Chappabitty, just filed our response brief to the government’s “Motion to Dismiss” in Felter Vs. Norton on Monday, October 6, 2003 by electronic mailing. It was filed in Washington D.C.

We welcome everyone to read our response on our website at www.undeclaredutes.net.

We continue to ask for all the prayers and support that we can get from our Brothers and Sisters across this great nation.

This is a spiritual battle as a lot of our people have gone on. We need to right the wrongs that took so many of our people’s lives.

Please pray for us!

Thank you, everyone,
Oranna B. Felter, Lead Plaintiff