Cherokee Center Puts Documentation Services Online


Last Updated: 16 years The Cherokee Heritage Documentation Center now provides a quick and simple way for people of Cherokee blood to register online, document their heritage, and learn more about who they are.

The new service puts the resources at your fingertips by providing required forms, tools and information that can save time and frustration. It is also a centralized source for Cherokee tribal, geneological, cultural and historical information. 

Visitors can also gain knowledge about the spirit, culture, language, and history of the Cherokee people, and hear music and news in native tongue.

Many people of Cherokee blood are unable to enroll in a federally recognized tribe due to an inability to provide documentation in support of their claim. In some cases the information simply wasn’t passed down to them by their ancestors.

Others may have difficulty locating a name on certain rolls. These undocumented, disenfranchised, and rejected Cherokee people will find needed assistance at the center to aid them in being recognized for who they are. There is no charge for the service.

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