May Pow Wows in the United States

A pow wow is a gathering of Native American and First Nations people to celebrate their culture, traditions, and spirituality. Pow wows usually feature dancing, singing, drumming, and socializing, as well as arts and crafts, food, and games. Pow wows offer an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the diversity and richness of Indigenous cultures.

Some examples of pow wows held in May every year in North America are:

The Stanford Pow Wow in Stanford, California helld the second weekend in May. This is the largest student-run pow wow in the nation, hosted by the Stanford American Indian Organization since 1971. The event draws over 10,000 visitors and showcases the talents and cultures of Indigenous students and communities from across the country.

The UC Riverside Pow Wow is held the last weekend in May. It features gourd dances and bird singing contests.

The annual Teton Powwow in Jackson Hole, WY is held the third weekend in May. During the Powwow, there will be arts and crafts booths and American Indian food booths. On Friday, free educational presentations around American Indian culture will be offered at the Center for the Arts throughout the day.

The Indian Arts Festival and Spring Pow Wow at Eastern Oregon University is held the second weekend in May. There will be a traditional Friendship Feast, arts and crafts vendors, Speel-Ya Run, a barbecue, and Health Fair, along with the dancing.