Alaska Native Regional Corporations
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   Celebrating Alaska Natives and Alaskan Indian Communities
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Alaska Native Regional Corporations

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Alaska Native Regional Corporations

There are 12 Alaska Native Regional Corporations that govern most of the 229 federally recognized indian communities and villages in Alaska. They were created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), which created Native-owned corporations to provide stewardship of ancestral lands and financial and other resources for Alaska's native people. A 13th corporation, based in Seattle, Washington, (Sealaska) also was formed. Sealaska now has offices in both Alaska and Washington State, and is the largest private landowner in Southeast Alaska.

The corporations were formed to receive approximately 45 million acres of land transferred from federal to private ownership and to manage investment of $962 million appropriated by Congress as the cash part of the settlement. An exception to this is that the 13th corporation received no land.Alaska natives have a unique relationship with the US Government that is different from the reservation system of the lower 48 states.

In addition to the regional corporations, some villages have their own village corporations, and there are many tribally affiliated councils who also take leadership roles for the native communities and villages of Alaska.

The 13 Alaska Regional Corporations are:

  • Afognak Native Corporation (ANC)

  • Official Website:Afognak Native Corporation
    Kodiak Address:
    » 215 Mission Road, Suite 212
    » Kodiak, Alaska 99615
    » Phone Office: 907.486.6014
    Toll Free: 1.800.770.6014
    Fax: 907.486.2514

    Anchorage Office:
    » 3201 C Street, Suite 305
    » Anchorage, Alaska 99503
    Phone Office: 907.222.9580
    » Toll Free: 1.888.292.9580
    » Fax: 907.222.9503

    Afognak Native Corporation was organized in 1977 and is jointly owned in perpetuity by shareholders who trace their descent from the Alutiiq settlements on Afognak Island in the Kodiak Archipelago. Allotted a small cash settlement and 160,000 acres as a part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971, ANC has grown that seed into a diverse company with over 3,000 employees and a $250 million worldwide enterprise with operations in construction, manufacturing, technology, physical security, and IT.

    • Alutiiq LLC (a subsidary of Afognak Native Corporation)
      Official Website:Alutiiq
      Address: 3201 C Street, Suite 700 Anchorage, Alaska 99503
      Fax: 907-222-9501
      Regional Offices

      Alutiiq, LLC (pronounced Ah-LOO-tick) is named after the Shareholders of ANC, the Alutiiq people who have inhabited the Kodiak Archipelago for over 7,500 years. In 1999 Alutiiq, LLC was organized as a holding company for operating subsidiaries capable of utilizing the preferences provided through the Small Business Administrations 8(a) Business Development Program.
  • Ahtna, Inc.

  • Address: PO BOX 649, Glennallen, AK 99588

    Seven of the eight villages within the Ahtna Region are merged with Ahtna, Inc., and all eight are Federally Recognized Tribes. A thirteen-member board directs corporate operations. Ahtna Inc. has approximately 1200 shareholders, of which the majority reside in the Copper River Region. It's region also includes the Wrangell Mountains. The Mentasta and Nutzotin Mountains border it to the northeast, to the north by the Alaska Range, to the west by the Talkeetna Mountains and to the south by the Chugach Mountains. The Wrangell Mountains are made up of dormant volcanoes with one exception. Mt. Wrangell is the largest active volcano in North America. It includes:
    • Native Village of Cantwell
    • Native Village of Chistochina
    • Native Village of Chitina
    • Native Village of Kluti Kaah (aka Copper Center)
    • Native Village of Gakona
    • Gulkana Village
    • Mentasta Traditional Council (formerly Mentasta Lake Village)
    • Native Village of Tazlina

  • Aleut Corporation

  • Address: 4000 Old Seward Hwy, Suite 300, Anchorage, AL
    Phone: (907)561-4300  Fax: (907)563-4328  Shareholder Toll Free Number 1-800-232-4882

    The Aleut Corporation received a settlement of $19.5 million, 66,000 acres of surface lands, and 1.572 million acres of subsurface estate. Its Shareholders originate from the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands, and the Shumagin Islands. Unangax^ people inhabit the Aleutian Islands,stretching from Sand Point in the East to Attu in the West and the Pribilof Islands to the North. It includes:
    • Native Village of Akutan
    • Native Village of Atka (IRA)
    • Native Village of Belkofski
    • Native Village of False Pass
    • Agdaagux Tribe of King Cove
    • Native Village of Nelson Lagoon
    • Native Village of Nikolski (IRA)
    • Native Village of Nuiqsut (aka Nooiksut, Pauloff Harbor)
    • Pribilof Islands Aleut Communities of St. Paul & St. George Islands
    • Qagan Tayagungin Tribe of Sand Point Village

  • Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC)

  • Official Website: ASRC
    Anchorage Office:
    3900 C Street , Suite 801, Anchorage, AK 99503-5963
    Phone: 907-339-6000
    Fax: 907-339-6028

    Barrow Office:
    P.O. Box 129, Barrow, Alaska 99723
    Phone: 907-852-8633
    Fax: 907-852-5733

    ASRC is a private for profit Native owned corporation representing the Arctic Slope Inupiat. This natural resource based corporation employs 6,000 people, has a growing shareholder population of 9,000, and has title to approximately five million acres of land. Their family of companies includes the professional fields of engineering, financial management, oil and gas support services, petroleum refining and distribution, civil construction and communications.

    ASRC represents eight villages on the north slope of Alaska:
    • Anaktuvuk Pass
    • Atqasuk
    • Barrow
    • Kaktovik
    • Nuiqsut
    • Point Hope
    • Point Lay
    • Wainwright

  • Bering Straits Native Corporation

  • Official Website:Bering Straits Native Corporation
    Address: P.O. Box 1008, Nome, Alaksa 99762
    Fax: (907) 443-2985

    The Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) area encompasses Alaska’s Seward Peninsula and eastern Norton Sound. This region is perhaps the most culturally diverse area in the state, with three Native languages spoken: Siberian Yup’ik, Central Yup’ik, and Iñupiaq. BSNC owns the surface and/or subsurface estate of over 2.2 million acres of highly mineralized lands. Villages in the region who DID NOT pool their land base with BSNC include Elim and the St. Lawrence Island villages of Gambell and Savoonga. BSNC has approximately 6,200 shareholders. Village Corporations within the BSNC region are:

    • Brevig Mission
    • Council
    • Golovin
    • Inalkik (Little Diomede Island)
    • King Island
    • Koyuk
    • Mary's Igloo
    • Shaktoolik
    • Shishmaref
    • Sitnasuak (Nome)
    • Solomon
    • Stebbins
    • St. Michael
    • Teller
    • Wales
    • White Mountain
    • Unalakleet
  • Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC)

  • Official Website: Bristol Bay Native Corporation
    Address: 111 West 16th Avenue, Suite 400, Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone 907.278.3602
    Toll Free 800.426.3602
    Fax 907.276.3925

    Bristol Bay Native Corporation is a for profic corporation that has approximately 7,800 native shareholders who are Eskimo Indian and Aleut. Traditional customs of the Eskimo, Aleut, and Athabascan are still evident. Each of the three Native peoples of the Bristol Bay region has their own distinct Native language and dialect.

    The Aleut/Alutiiq who lived on the ocean side of the Alaska Peninsula were confined to the coasts because of rugged mountainous terrain. The Dena’ina Athabascans occupied lands around Iliamna Lake and Lake Clark. The Yupiks were are on the Bristol Bay side of the peninsula. Today, many Alaska Natives of the Bristol Bay region continue to live in the areas settled by their ancestors and still gather native foods from the land and hunt and fish.

    At 34 million acres, the Bristol Bay region is slightly larger than the State of Ohio. In addition to 8,000 residents, Bristol Bay is home to abundant wildlife - 10,000 brown bears, 25,000 walrus, and 25,000,000 salmon, plus many other species. All five species of Pacific salmon spawn in the area. Lake Iliamna, located in the North of the region, is the largest freshwater lake in Alaska.

    BBNC is a diversified holding company whose investments and services include a stock portfolio, architectural design, cardlock fueling, corporate services, corrosion inspection, environmental engineering and remediation, oilfield and environmental cleanup labor, surveying, and government services.

    Natives from the Bristol Bay region played an important role in achieving the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) by encouraging the Native Claims movement. They have approximately 3 million acres of land, primarily subsurface estate and more than $300 million in annual revenue. The area is divided into two regions which include:

    • North Region:
      • Aleknagik
      • Clarks Point
      • Dillingham
      • Ekuk
      • Ekwok
      • Igiugig
      • Iliamna
      • King Salmon
      • Kokhanok
      • Koliganek
      • Levelock
      • Manokotak
      • Naknek
      • Newhalen
      • New Stuyahok
      • Nondalton
      • Pedro Bay
      • Port Alsworth
      • Portage Creek
      • South Naknek
      • Togiak
      • Twin Hills
    • South Region
      • Chignik
      • Chignik Lagoon
      • Chignik Lake
      • Egegik
      • Ivanof Bay
      • Perryville
      • Pilot Point
      • Port Heiden
      • Ugashik

  • Calista Corporation

  • Official Website: Calista Corporation
    Address: 301 Calista Court, Suite A, Anchorage, Alaska 99518-3028
    Phone: (907) 279-5516
    Fax: (907) 272-5060

    Calista (pronounced Cha-lis-ta) is the second largest native regional corporation in Alaska. In the Yup'ik Eskimo language, the name “Calista” translates to “Cali” which means work and “ista” which means someone or something which does. Calista Corporation’s land entitlement is approximately 6.5 million acres in Southwestern Alaska, in the Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta and the Kuskokwim Mountains physiographic regions. Nearly 5 million acres of the total entitlement is now conveyed to Calista and its 56 villages.

    The Alaska Native cultures which dominate the Calista Region are the most intact of all the Alaska Native cultures with a majority of the people speaking their traditional language. The Region is characterized by a subsistence economy in which the great majority of the Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Athabascan people who live there are involved in activities relating to their own subsistence needs, fishing in particular.

    Subsidary companies of Calista Corporation include:

  • Chugach Alaska Corporation

  • Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI)
    Address:Non Profit Services Center, 3600 San Jeronimo Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99508
    Phone: (907) 793-3600
    Toll Free: (877) 985-5900
    Fax: (907) 793-3602
    Official Website: Cook Inlet Tribal Council

    The Cook Inlet region has a service area of 38,000 square miles in southcentral Alaska. Alaska Natives and American Indians within the Anchorage service area are served by Native non-profit affiliate service provider organizations. It includes:
    • Chickaloon
    • Eklunta
    • Kenaitze Indian Tribe
    • Knik
    • Ninilchik
    • Salamatof
    • Seldovia
    • Tyonek

  • Doyon, Limited
  • Koniag, Inc

  • .
  • NANA Regional Corporation (formerly known as the Northwest Alaska Native Association)

  • Official Website: NANA
    Address:P.O. Box 49, Kotzebue, AK 99752
    Phone: (907) 442-3301
    Toll Free in AK: (800) 478-3301
    Fax: (907) 442-2866

    NANA Regional Corporation is based in Kotzebue in the Northwest part of Alaska. The people inhabiting this area are mostly Inupiat. The ancestral Inupiat crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Siberia . The coastal and inland Eskimo of Northwest Alaska had established a trade system hundreds of years prior to "discovery" by Russian explorers in 1732.

    The NANA region encompasses 38,000 square miles and is approximately the size of Indiana. Situated in Northwest Alaska, most of the region is above the Arctic Circle. NANA owns both the surface and subsurface acreage for land it is entitled to

    The NANA Region has a population of 7,200 people living in 11 communities or villages. Reliance on the land remains a traditional way of life for the Inupiat people. The continuation of that relationship is a vital element of Inupiat values. The household economy for most families is a mixture of hunting, fishing, and part time or seasonal jobs.

  • Sealaska Corporation
    Seattle Address: 13810 SE Eastgate Way, Suite 420, Bellevue, WA 98005
    Phone: 425.283.0600
    Fax: 425.283.0650
    Other Alaska addresses

    Sealaska is a Native-owned corporation with over 17,500 shareholders and is the largest private landowner in Southeast Alaska. They are headquartered in Juneau, Alaska and Bellevue, WA. Sealaska assets are derived from the aboriginal lands of Tlingit and Haida Indians of Southeast Alaska.

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