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   Celebrating Alaska Natives and Alaskan Indian Communities
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alaska natives, villages and alaskan indian communities

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ahtna indian community
alaska native villagesThe Ahtna are a hunter/fisher/gatherer tribe of Alaska's Copper River that had little White contact until the 1880's. The tribe's aggressive nature allowed them to remain isolated in spite of White exploration. Their territory was sparsely populated. Though considerably smaller in population and speaking a different language, they are culturally close to the neighboring Tlingit.

Ahtna Alaskan natives

Language: Ahtna
Language Family: Tanaina-Ahtna
Stock: Athapaskan
Phylum: Na-Dene
Macro-Culture: Alaska Native Village

Number of Fluent Ahtna Speakers: 80, as of 1995
Other speakers of the same language: None

Historical Locations: In Alaska - Ikherkhamut, Kangikhlukmut, Kulushut, Shukhtutakhlit, Vikhit

Present Locations: In Alaska - Ahtna Incorporated, Copper River

Ahtna Historical Timeline:

Year     History
1781     Russian Nagaieff discovered mouth of Copper River,             hostile natives prevented exploration.
1796     Russian Samoylof attempted exploration, failed.
1798     Russian Lastochkin attempted exploration failed.
1819     Russian Klimoffsky attempted exploration failed.
            Russian post established near Taral.
1837     Smallpox epidemic.
1844     Russian Gregorief attempted exploration, failed.
1848     Russian Serebrannikof partially explored river, he and 3             others killed by natives; Taral post closed.
1867     Alaska Purchase.
1882     Holt ascended to Taral, killed by natives.
1884     Lt. Abercrombie explored part of river.
1885     Lt. Allen explored to Ahtena villages.
1898     Gold rush, influx of miners.
1905     Richardson Highway opened.
1918     Influenza epidemic.
1942     Epidemic.
1948     Epidemic.
1971     Shared in $962.5 million settlement for land claims             relative to Alaska Pipeline; Athena Corporation
             formed for administration.

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