Ancient Indian Civilizations
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ancient indian civilizations

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Many Indian Tribes ,including the Mayan , believed they were seeded from the Pleiadians.

Ancient indian civilizations in North America developed over roughly the last 20,000 years, according to archaeologists. According to the indian tribes living today, most of them say they have always been here on the North American continent.

Many archaeological periods, cultures, complexes, and peoples have been identified in North America. These are generally divided into five periods.

The Paleo Indians were an ancient civilization that lived during the Lithic stage (18000 BCE - 8000 BCE) and this is when we first see stone tools. The Archaic period (8000 BCE - 1000 BCE), is divided into an early, middle, and late stages. In this period, we first see evidence of sedentary farming practices.

During the Formative stage, ancient north american people developed the technologies of pottery, weaving, and developed food production. Social organization began to involve permanent towns and villages, as well as the first ceremonial centers in these ancient indian civilizations.

During the Classic stage, we begin to see complex social structures as ancient indian civilizations developed craft specializations and the beginnings of metallurgy. During this period, we see the beginnings of urbanism and large ceremonial centers.

During the Post-Classic stage (1000 BCE - Present), we see advanced metallurgy and social organization involving complex urbanism and militarism.

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