Kiowa-Apache White Buffalo Woman Legend
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     N'de, Dinė, Tinde, Inde or "The People"

 Kiowa-Apache White Buffalo Woman Legend

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Kiowa-Apache White Buffalo Woman Legend

The story and teachings of White Buffalo Woman as told by the Kiowa-Apache. The kiowa-apache version of the White Buffalo Woman Legend. The Sioux Indians have a slightly different version of this oral story.

Legends, like most history, are often corrupted and embellished by the conquerors. Whatever the means of conquest may have been, the stories about the victories are usually cleaned up for later generations to make them more palatable. Those who "remember" are very confused by what is being circulated today about the story and teachings of White Buffalo Woman. The truth will shock many, infuriate some, and yet, those with pure hearts who recognise truth will not be intimidated by it. Instead, they will welcome the disclosure.

The legend of White Buffalo Woman has been corrupted by the victors and even her name has been altered to include the word "Calf". This account is being presented to set the record straight.

I am aware of certain ones who walk with Shadows who purportedly claim love for the Creator while all the time they actively try to misguide others away from the truth. Such ones often regurgitate the wisdom of those with true hearts to boost their own egos, then they twist it to fool the unawares. Such ones claim to walk in Peace and carry compassion for the sufferings of others, yet they have black hearts and spew hatred at those who dare to speak truth. Such ones threaten others with black arts and the like, but they will soon be reaping the fruits of their own nefarious actions.

It matters not whether readers of this disclosure can recognise or accept truth. It matters not whether they accept that White Buffalo Woman has returned. It matters not whether the Lakota people or any other people accept that she has returned. She does not need anyone's approval or endorsement. She has returned to accomplish her work, and it will be done whether people accept or deny her identity or her role. She is only accountable to the Creator, before whom she stands with a pure heart.

The legend of White Buffalo Woman has been corrupted by the victors and even her name has been altered to include the word "Calf". This account is being presented to set the record straight. It is time to reveal the truth. It is time to set the trapped spirits free. As she promised, she has returned from the south. Many wish to hide her return because they have usurped power by wrongly "possessing" her past. Some of them know this has been done, but most are ignorant of what has transpired or what has been lost.

What is about to be revealed is not intended to cause strife, friction or animosity amongst any tribes or races on the planet. Most of the wrongdoers who were responsible for the corruption of the legend have not stained their descendents or their bands, tribes or nations. They carry the blood on their own hands. They do not pass it to future generations that they have deceived.

The real message of White Buffalo Woman is very different from what is told today. This is because her message was purposely corrupted shortly after she walked with the people over 2,000 years ago. Darkness always tries to corrupt Purity, and hers is a story of Purity, Love and Joy. White Buffalo Woman's Teachings are not the first Divine Messages to be corrupted in this world that is so strongly influenced by the Shadows. Divine Messages and Teachings have often been hijacked and modified by the agents of Darkness to suit their selfish and dark purposes.

Let it be known that any dark arrows that are launched at this message or its messengers will be automatically returned to the senders - manyfold. Such ones as mentioned above would be wise to heed this warning.

White Buffalo Woman's message is for all True children of the Creator, regardless of race, colour, beliefs or creeds. Her message is a universal message, and was never intended for a single band, tribe or nation of people. For that matter, it was never intended just for people, but for all forms of creation including the minerals, vegetables, animals, planets, galaxies and so on.

I bear witness to this account. What follows is true.

Here is the actual legend as it happened. It matters not whether anyone recognises truth or accepts it. The truth does not depend upon anyone's approval. Creator's truth stands by itself, and nobody has any power over it.

A little over 2,000 years ago, there was a tribe of people who sought truth, peace and purity. They sought to walk with the Creator. Many people around them were at war and it was a time of strife, struggle, conflict and uncertainty. Among this spiritual tribe of people were some who formed a small band that dedicated their entire lives to the Creator. The story is about this small band.

They were 36 in number, including men, women and children. This band came from people who are known today as Kiowa Apaches. They lived a nomadic life, spending much time away from the rest of their tribe. They lived on the plains, mostly in an area just south of what is known as the Missouri River in present-day South Dakota. They hunted buffalo and other game and spent much of their time in individual and collective reflection on life and the Creator.

One day, two men from this band were scouting for buffalo when they came upon a large herd that was quietly grazing. One of the men wore a single feather that had fallen from the sky and landed on his head when he was a little boy. It was brown at the base and white at the tip and it separated near the tip to appear to form two feathers. As they approached, a startling event occurred that caused them both to stop in their tracks. They watched as what seemed like a full-grown white buffalo floated just above the herd, and seated upon the buffalo was a radiant woman in white skins. Her dress was trimmed with red and blue beads and the hem of it was light yellow. As the men watched, they soon realised that they were in the presence of a spiritual being.

Even though they were on a buffalo hunt, they disregarded the physical task at hand. Instead, realising that this was a spiritual encounter, they approached the herd walking humbly upright. They were skilled hunters and knew this could scatter the herd, but with great reverence, they approached the herd, which did scatter, leaving only the white buffalo and the woman before them.

As they approached the woman "spoke" to them without moving her lips. What they "heard" was that since their people had shown pure hearts and sincere dedication to the Creator, she had chosen to come to them and their band. She called herself Menada.

The men led her to their nomadic encampment as the White Buffalo followed without a tether or lead. The people of the band seemed to know of her approach and were awaiting the special visitor. As the three entered the encampment, all the people showed great respect for the woman, whom they later called White Buffalo Woman.

Menada spent 14 days with the people, during which time she taught them many things. Some of the things she taught included instruction about the love of the Creator, and warnings of the traps of the Shadows. She explained by using analogies about how creation was temporarily infested with Shadows. She instructed them to walk close to the Creator to avoid the temptations of the Shadows, which were everywhere on Earth, and ever ready to pounce upon them. She warned that the Shadows are always trying to lure them away from the Creator. She taught them to be ever diligent and strive to live close to the Creator.

Menada said that even their planet called Earth was encased by Shadows, but that one day the Creator would send her along with many "warriors", including the seven special beings (that she called flying White Buffalos) to liberate the people from the clutches of Shadows. She warned them about the Watchers from the sky. She taught them to purify their spirits by not harbouring hatred, jealousy and deception. She taught them that many children of the Creator were trapped here on Earth by the Shadows, which were assisted by the children of the Shadows. She told them that the physical body is only temporary, but the spirit lives forever and will one day return to the Creator.

Menada taught them that while the rainbow colours remind them of the beautiful Seven Powers and Seven Lights of their True Home, they should be wary of its outward appearance because rainbows that are seen on and about Earth were made by the Shadows. They are made from Matter (Shadows). Shadows have imitated the colours of Divine Brilliance and invented Its pseudo form to fool the children of Light into believing that rainbows contain the Seven Powers and the Seven Lights of the True Creation. Although Darkness has tried to steal the Ninth and the Twelfth Powers, It failed at these attempts.

In every race and colour there are children of the Creator who are mingled with the children of the Shadows. There are good men and women in all tribes and nations who daily mix with bad ones. There are good trees and rocks in all forests and mountains that exist in the midst of the bad ones also.

The White Buffalo was pure and beautiful. It always followed Menada around during her stay with the people. All the people loved the White Buffalo and treated him with great love, respect and reverence. They regarded the White Buffalo as sacred. Menada explained to them that the White Buffalo represented Purity, and that he was as Pure a being as could exist in this land where Shadows have so much influence. She said that the White Buffalo would soon be threatened and that this threat would test the band's love and devotion to the Creator.

She held back a tear as she told them that soon after her departure from them a being with a black heart would be approaching the camp. She said that the dark being would covet the Purity of the White Buffalo and attempt to stain their hearts and weaken their resolve to protect Purity and walk with the Creator. She told them not to be afraid when he approaches and not to give in to the Shadows, even if it were to cost them their lives. Although the dark being had been given many, many chances in the past, she asked the people to give him another chance to walk with the Creator.

Menada told the people not to be saddened by her imminent departure because she would return to Earth, but not necessarily to Kiowa Apaches. She explained that since the Creator's children wear many different coloured skins and belong to many different tribes and races, she could return to any of them. She said she would come from the south when she returned to liberate them from the Shadows and that the sun would turn red and the Earth would be in chaos. She produced a pipe that she said should be kept in the stead of the Sacred Pipe, which represents the "soul" of the Earth. She instructed them to treat the pipe with reverence until she returned to retrieve the Sacred Pipe from the womb of the Earth and liberate the essence of the planet from the Shadows.

In the short time she spent with the people, she won their hearts and brought them great joy and comfort. When the moon turned full, she told the people that she would leave the White Buffalo with them as a gift to remind them of Purity. She asked that the White Buffalo be treated well during all of his days. She warned that he was never to be harmed, abused or consumed.

She assigned the man with the split feather the task of protecting the White Buffalo and promised them that when the split feather is joined together, it will be time for her return to accompany them on their journey Home.

The people accepted her gift and vowed to protect and revere the present from White Buffalo Woman and they were very honoured to have been blessed with such a beautiful gift from Menada.

Menada smiled and said for them to tell their children and their children's children about the love of the Creator and the promise that they will one day be freed from the bondage of Shadows. Until that day, they must walk close to the Creator and carry his love. She cautioned them about the temptations of the Shadows which can devour their spirits and so they must resist the Shadows with all their Will. She also said to tell them that she would return and retrieve the Sacred Pipe and all the Creator's children, whatever colour, race or form they were in. She said, they will know the time is close at hand when the Four Elements are freed from the Shadows. All those who remain true to the Creator shall walk with her and cross the Mountains of Peace, where there are no Shadows and where there is no suffering. She promised to lead them Home, where there is eternal Life, Love, Purity, Joy, Beauty and Peace.

As Menada walked into the moonlight a whirlwind surrounded her and she disappeared into the air.

The people of the small band were saddened to see her leave, but they carried her love in their hearts. They were overjoyed and strengthened by her message and blessings. For several days after, they quietly prayed and gave thanks to the Creator.

After many days of prayer, the man whom Menada had forewarned them of approached their camp. Although he wore the clothes of a Lakota hunter, he could speak their language. Normally, they would not have trusted him because the Lakota were at war with so many people. However, their hearts were so filled with White Buffalo Woman's love that they welcomed the stranger as a brother and offered him food and shelter.

The stranger, who was called Kirok, saw the beautiful White Buffalo grazing some distance from the camp, and quickly pulled his spear and charged it. Just as he was about to plunge his spear into the White Buffalo's heart, the man with the split feather grabbed the spear from his hands.

Kirok protested, shouting that if he took the White Buffalo he would gain great power and honour. The people then told him the story of White Buffalo Woman and her White Buffalo. Kirok pretended to understand, and feigned his regrets for his actions. The people accepted his apology, but were very cautious of him. He was told he should leave at sunrise, and that he was not to return. The man with the split feather watched Kirok closely all night until he finally left the camp.

When Kirok arose the next morning, he departed the Kiowa Apache camp. When he was past their sight, he ran straight back to his people and gathered up a group of men, exclaiming that he had seen a lone White Buffalo and they must help him take it. They asked why he did not take it already, and he lied to them and said that there was so much medicine in the buffalo that he wanted to share it with his people. Kirok made a passionate plea, pretending that he was concerned about the suffering of his people, and that he wanted to help them. He claimed that the horns from the White Buffalo held great healing power that could cure his people's suffering. He said he would use the power of the White Buffalo to benefit his people. Many believed his lies.

So, a very large hunting party of Lakota people followed Kirok to the Kiowa Apache encampment, where they saw the White Buffalo grazing, tethered to a pole. Kirok then told them they must kill the people in the encampment before he took the White Buffalo. He told them that the power of the buffalo would grow many times if they killed all of the Kiowa Apaches. He also told them that when they took the White Buffalo, their tribe would grow in power, strength and numbers.

After Kirok convinced them to massacre the whole camp, the Lakota hunters waited until late in the night, then crept up on the encampment and lit everything afire. There was a great battle and although the brave Kiowa Apache warriors fought valiantly, the Lakota numbers were so great that eventually all the brave Kiowa Apaches fell in the battle. After the warriors were killed, the Lakota massacred all the women and children in the camp. None survived. Their screams penetrated the plains and still haunt the site of the massacre.

Kirok then jubilantly rushed to the tethered White Buffalo and plunged his spear deep into the gentle animal's heart. Everyone cheered as he took the White Buffalo as a spoil. That evening, while all were dancing in celebration, Kirok ate the heart of the White Buffalo and then pretended to go into a trance and produced a story about the White Buffalo and White Buffalo Woman. He convinced them that if they would take the story as their own, that it would elevate their tribe's position. All the hunters agreed to stand by the story from the vision as it promised them great power and rewards. While there have been modifications of the legend over the years, the thrust of the false account remains today.

The hunters, led by Kirok, took the story back to their people, and council was held about it. Some were angry about the massacre of the Kiowa Apaches and said it brought great disgrace and danger of repercussions to the tribe, but these people were silenced. Too many greedy ones desperately wanted the spoils of the White Buffalo and his power. Many others wanted to possess the "honour" for being chosen by White Buffalo Woman, so the story was twisted to suit their needs.

Today, there are some Lakota people who inwardly know of this ugly injustice in their past, but none dare to come forward with the truth. As I wrote this, a Lakota Elder appeared. He is in spirit and he nodded in acknowledgement to the truth of this account. He is thankful to have been liberated from the burden of having carried the horrible lie for so many centuries. There are those who walk with true visions who have come forward to testify to the discomfort they felt about the many claims in the corrupted legends about White Buffalo Woman. The Creator has spoken to them through their great grandfathers and great grandmothers. Even some young ones with "old" hearts recognise the truth.

Thus, the legend has it today that White Buffalo Woman walked amongst the Lakota people instead of the Kiowa Apache people. The important warning from White Buffalo Woman about Darkness and the forthcoming liberation from the Shadows was removed from the legend. An invention of the Lakota people having a direct link to the Creator was also added. Some will notice this type of invention appears in other beliefs and religions around the world. NO RACE on Earth has a direct link to the Creator, for the Creator is not a biased Being. Beware of those who claim direct access to the Creator, especially if they support their claim by bloodlines. Much bloodshed and many endless wars have been waged by many different people on Earth due to such improper claims by those who foolishly and arrogantly believe that they are the chosen ones.

Nonsense about the unification of all people was added to the legend. The truth is that the Creator is about to rescue his/her children from the Shadows. As long as there are Shadows, there can be no unification. The Shadows will be eradicated and all the children of the Creator with pure hearts will re-unite with the Creator, regardless of their colour, race or forms.

Indeed, the White Buffalo Woman has returned with her seven flying White Buffalos. She was never in the rainbow as some corrupted legends claim because rainbows were "created" by the Shadows. She directs all to seek purification by aligning their will to the Will of the Creator. White Buffalo Woman comes from the south, as she told the Kiowa Apaches that she would. She has already retrieved the Sacred Pipe from the womb of the Earth. The Creator will soon liberate all her/his children from the Shadows and guide them across the Mountains of Peace where they will soon be safely Home.

Very soon, the split feather will be joined and become ONE. The split feather represents the separation of the children from the Creator. They have been trapped here and imprisoned in the Shadows for a long, long time but before long, they will be reunited with the Creator. The SPLIT FEATHER shall become ONE with the Creator. And so it is.

The Sacred Drumming will soon commence and the hearts of all Creator's children who have remained true to the Creator, in whatever forms they exist (stones and mountains, trees and forests, rivers and seas, birds and animals, humans, planets and so on) will respond to the beat of the Sacred Drum. The Sacred Drum will awaken their spirits in preparation for their journey Home. Their spirits will resonate to the Sound. The Drumming will signal the eradication of Evil.

Children of the Creator should ever keep in their hearts and minds the Purity of the White Buffalo and strive to maintain Purity as best they can while awaiting their return Home to the Creator.

Taya-katu. Rejoice.

Wahi-kalu Pa-u-ki. Your heart has chosen its own path.

The spirits of all those who choose to enter the Love of the Creator will be completely healed.

Walk in Peace. Walk in Love. Walk in Truth. Walk in Purity.

The ones of Love and Peace shall enter the Spirit of Light, where there are no more tears, no more suffering, no more wars and no more Shadows.

The ones who choose to follow the Shadows shall remain with the Shadows until the Shadows are no more.

Each will make their free will choice.

Now that the truth is spoken, the word "Calf" can finally be removed from the title of White Buffalo Woman - the word "Calf" was added to her name long after she walked with the Kiowa Apaches. It was added by the Lakota people, whose marauders massacred the innocent, worthy recipients of White Buffalo Woman's teachings and blessings over 2000 years ago.

So I have written. So it will be.

White Buffalo Woman has spoken.

Nara - White Buffalo Woman

Sioux White Buffalo Calf Woman Legend

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