Unrecognized Tribes T-V

Alphabetical list of unrecognized American indian tribes beginning with Q to S.

These are groups known to self-identify as Native American tribes but that have not been recognized by the federal government (Bureau of Indian Affairs) nor by any state nor tribal government.

We do not necessarily endorse these organizations or the validity of their claims. We are just reporting what is out there and suggest you exercise your own due diligence in verifying their authenticity.

We would especially suggest further investigation of any organization that charges a membership or enrollment fee, or that does not require genealogy research and official documentation for enrollment.

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Tama Indian Tribe

Talimali Band, The Apalachee Indians of Louisiana (formerly Apalachee Indians of Louisiana). Letter of Intent to Petition 02/05/1996

Tehatchapi Tribe of the Tejon Reservation

Texas Band of Choctaw Indians

Tolowa Nation. Letter of Intent to Petition 01/31/1983.

Topachula Tribe (Florida)

Tututni Tribe. Also in Oregon.

Toulumne Algerine Band of Yokut. Letter of Intent to Petition 01/23/2006.

Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians.

Traditional Choinuymni Tribe. Letter of Intent to Petition 03/29/2000. Receipt of Petition 03/29/2000.

True Golden Hill Paugussett Tribal Nation (formerly the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribal Nation). Letter of Intent to Petition 02/08/2002. Receipt of Petition 02/08/2002 as “The Golden Hill Paugussett Tribal Nation”.

T’Si-akim Maidu. Letter of Intent to Petition 11/16/1998.

Tsnungwe Council (a.k.a. South Fork Hupa). Letter of Intent to Petition 09/22/1992.

Tuscola United Cherokee Tribe of Florida, Inc. (formerly Tuscola United Cherokees of Florida & Alabama, Inc.). Letter of Intent to Petition 01/19/1979; withdrawn at petitioner’s request 11/24/1997; reinstated 2005.


Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli,also known as Southeast Kituwah Nation.
Eastern National Office. Also in Arizona.

United American Indians of New England (Massachusettes)

United Cherokee Nation (UCN) – Western National Office. (Massachusettes)

The United Creeks of Georgia

Also in Georgia. supposed “Clans” organized in these areas, often calling themselves as “Cherokee Nation of ….”: Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Arizona (Georgia, Nevada), Arkansas, California, Colorado (New Mexico, Utah), Connecticut, Cyprus, Delaware, Florida,[13] Hawaii, Idaho (Montana), Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana (Mississippi), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri (Kansas), Nebraska (Iowa), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois (Chicago and Metropolis branches), Minnesota, and Wyoming.

United People of Cherokee Heritage (Iowa)

United Hourma Nation, Inc. Letter of Intent to Petition 3/22/1994.

United Lumbee Nation of North Carolina and America. Letter of Intent to Petition 04/28/1980; Declined to Acknowledge 07/02/1985 (50 FR 18746). Also in North Carolina.

United Maidu Nation. Letter of Intent to Petition 01/06/1977Tsimshian Tribal Council. Letter of Intent to Petition 07/02/1978.

United Remnant Band of the Shawnee Nation, Ohio United Tribe of Shawnee Indians. Letter of Intent to Petition 07/06/1995 (Kansas)

United Tribe of Shawnee Indians, Kansas

Upper Kispoko Band of the Shawnee Nation, Indiana


Vinyard Indian Settlement of Shawnee Indians, Illinois

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