Pow Wow Rules

Pow Wow Rules

While the rules that govern the conduct of the various participants at pow wows varies from pow wow to pow wow, here are some general rules that are common at most pow wows.


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Contest rules and regulations for pow wow singers, also known as drum groups.

Different pow wows have different rules and regulations which they follow to govern their celebration. Some are old and have been in place for hundreds of years, while others may be fairly new and are in a constant state of … Continue reading

How the women’s Fancy Shawl Dance is Judged

The fancy shawl dance is a very aerobic, fast paced dance. Thus, this is usually considered a dance for the younger ladies and girls. However, dancers of any age may dance the fancy shawl dance, from babies to elders.

Pow Wow Rules for Dancers

Each pow wow has a set of pow wow rules for the dancers competing for prize money. These are the general pow wow rules in effect at most pow wows.

Rules for the pow wow judges