Natives celebrate return of sacred bundle: Spirits Back Home

Picture of Elk Head and the Sacred Pipe Bundle

Spirits are being awakened for the first time in 60 years.

I can see it in the faces of those around me, Blackfoot Indians from both sides of the border, gathering on Canada Day at a ranch in northern Montana to celebrate the return of a vital link to their past.

The men sit nearest the fire, the women forming a circle behind them. Sweetgrass burns and turns to ash, filling the teepee with an ancient aroma.

Expressions filled with reverence and awe, their attention is fixed on a metre-long stone and reed pipe, decorated with the mummified head of a harlequin duck on one end, and a fan of eagle feathers on the other. Natives celebrate return of sacred bundle: Spirits Back Home »»

Is this an authentic native american artifact?


I am looking at going to an artifact auction advertised at to get a chanupa (pipe) and a shield and put them where they need to be, which is back in a ceremonial family’s care and not in someone’s collection. The shield looks to be a ghost dance shield.

They say it is “C.A. early 1900s.” If this is real it should be from the 1890s time line. I am looking for some help on this matter. I have rescued other pipes from being sold and used in the wrong way. Please look at the shield and try to see if it is real or not. Wopila for your time.

-Submitted by Chris G.S.

Is this an authentic native american artifact? »»