Cherokee Wedding Attire

Cherokee Wedding Dress

For a Cherokee wedding, the bride wears a special style of dress called a “tear dress.” The groom wears a ribbon shirt and black slacks. They both wear moccasins. In lieu of rings, the bride and groom exchange gift baskets. Cherokee Wedding Attire »»

How does the wedding vase ceremony go?


I am a non-denominational wedding minister in North
Carolina. I have a bridal couple that want to include the
wedding vase in their ceremony. Do you have the wording
that you can share for this ceremony? We would greatly
appreciate your help. Thank you.

–Submitted by Bonnie C.
How does the wedding vase ceremony go? »»

Cherokee Wedding Customs

Valiance - Feathered Shields

Cherokee wedding customs dictated that relatives and friends follow as the couple entered the sacred council fire area. The bride wore a white dress and white moccasins, usually made from deer or elk skins. The groom wore a roe-colored ribbon shirt, black pants and moccasins. Cherokee Wedding Customs »»