State Tribes T-V

An alphabetical list of state recognized tribes of the United States T to V. Links to tribal profile pages are at the bottom of the page.





State Recognized indian tribes that start with T

Tonawada Band of Seneca (NY)

Tuscarora Nation (NY)

State Recognized indian tribes that start with U

Unkechaug Nation (NY)

United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (AL)

United Houma Nation, 20986 Hwy. 1, Golden Meadow, LA 70357 Ph.504-475-6640, FAX 475-7109

United Rappahannock Tribe Indian Neck, VA 23077 Ph804-769-0260

United Remnant Band Shawnee Nation, P.O. Box 162 Dayton, OH 45401-0162

Unkechaug Indian Nation of Poospatuck Indians, P.O. Box 86, Mastic, Long Island, NY 11950 Ph.516-281-6464

Upper Mataponi Tribe, 106 Kyle Circle Tabb, VA 23602 Ph. 804-865-6814

State Recognized indian tribes that start with V

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Acolapissa merged with the Houma

The Acolapissa disappeared as a separate tribe during 1765, and their subsequent history is identical with the Houma with whom they merged. The Houma remained in Ascension Parish until 1776 when they were overrun by settlement. They sold their land to two French Creoles that year, but small groups of them remained in the vicinity until 1840. However, by 1785 the majority had moved southwest and concentrated in La Fourche and Terrebonne Parishes (Houma, Louisiana) about 25 miles from New Orleans.

Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe

The Mattaponi were one of six tribes inherited by Chief Powhatan in the late 16th century. The tribe spoke an Algonquian language, like other members of the Powhatan Chiefdom. The paramount chiefdom of the Powhatan numbered more than 30 tribes by the time the English arrived and settled Jamestown in 1607.

In addition, a Mattaponi band had long been settled outside the reservation at an unincorporated hamlet called Adamstown, located on the upper reaches of the Mattaponi River. This has been identified as Indian land in records dating to the 17th century. In 1921, the Upper Mattaponi Tribe of Adamstown organized as an official group separate from the main Mattaponi population who resided on the reservation.