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 3" Traditional Medicine Wheel
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3" Traditional Medicine Wheel

This 3 inch medicine wheel is the perfect size for a car mirror ornament. The hoop is wrapped in buckskin and is available in six colors of leather (gold buckskin, dyed black, hot pink, purple, turquoise, or hunter green buckskin) and four feather choices (duck, pheasant, white turkey, or brown turkey). The example shown is done in buckskin dyed turquoise with duck feathers. Look thru the Medicine Wheel section of this site to see examples of other available colors and feathers.

The medicine wheel pictured is representative. Because each one is hand crafted in the USA, there may be slight variances from the one shown.

This medicine wheel is 3 inches in diameter, and the overall length, including the hoop and feathers is approximately 7 inches, not including the hanger strap. Depending on the variety of feathers chosen, the length may vary by an inch or two. The hanger strap is cut extra long to give plenty of room for adjustment.

This item can be shipped internationally, but be sure to check with your local customs office to make sure this item can be imported to your country. Some countries, such as New Zealand, do not allow the importation of feathers, so it is always best to check. We will not be responsible for items seized by customs.

The medicine wheel is an important cultural symbol for most american indian tribes. The Medicine Wheel is representative of American Indian Spirituality. It symbolizes the individual journey we each must take to find our own path.

Within the Medicine Wheel are The Four Cardinal Directions and the Four Sacred Colors. The Circle represents the Circle of Life and the Center of the Circle, the Eternal Fire.

The circle represents unity, continuity, infinity, completeness, and wholeness.

The four directions represent the four seasons, four sacred colors, four natural elements, and the four phases in each person's life. Four also signifies union, because it is made up of pairs.

White represents the north, spiritual elders, winter, creatures that crawl, air, death, and rebirth. The north is ruled by the Wolf.

Yellow represents the East, spring, physical birth, earth, creatures that fly, harmony, kindness and forgiveness. The east is ruled by the Eagle.

Red represents the South, summer, love, motherhood, teenagers, survival, the 4-legged creatures, fire, and mental balance. The south is ruled by Buffalo.

Black represents the West, fall, emotions, two-legged creatures and those that swim, and water. The west is ruled by Bear.

This item can be shipped internationally.

Not produced by a particular indian or indian tribe.

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by Wendy Jerosky Date Added: 08/28/2012
My medicine wheel came today, it brought me to happy tears it was so beautiful. I am a Reiki Master so I am use to working with energy but as soon as I opened the box it started acting like a pendulum with a super happy positive energy circle, it was just amazing what kind of energy did you infuse it with....WOW. Thank You again, I can't wait for everyone to see and feel that energy with m ... read more ...
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Wendy Rutledge Date Added: 04/29/2010
I have just received my order. The Medicine Wheels that I ordered are so beautiful. Thank you so much for the special attention put fourth in your merchandise. Thank you again. ... read more ...
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages: 1 
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3" Traditional Medicine Wheel
My medicine wheel came today, it brought me to happy tears i ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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