Shawnee Divisions and Clans


Last Updated: 11 years

The Shawnee have 5 divisions, which may be regarded as phratries, or perhaps as originally distinct tribes, and the members of these divisions occupied different sides of the council house in their public assemblies.

The villages of the tribe have generally taken their names from these divisions. The Woketamosi division mentioned by Heckewelder is probably one of these, but is not the Piqua.

The Shawnee have thirteen clan associations. The Turtle clan occupies an important place in their mythological traditions. At a conference in 1793 the Shawnee signed with the snake totem.

  • Shawnee Divisions
    • Chilahcahtha (Chillicothe)
    • Kispokotha (Kispogogi)
    • Spitotha (Mequachake?)
    • Bicowetha (Piqua)
    • Assiwikale (Hathawekela)
  • Shawnee Clans
    • M’-wa-wä’ (wolf)
    • Ma-gwä’ (loon)
    • M’-kwä’ (bear)
    • We-wä’-see (buzzard)
    • M’-se’-pa-se (panther)
    • M’-ath-wa’ (owl)
    • Pa-la-wä’ (turkey)
    • Psake-the’ (deer)
    • Sha-pä-ta’ (raccoon)
    • Na-ma-thä’ (turtle)
    • Ma-na-to’ (snake)
    • Pe-sa-wä’ (horse)
    • Pä-täke-e-no-the’ (rabbit)