The Powwow committee


Last Updated: 5 years

Pow wows are the result of a lot of hard work done by many dedicated people who work for an entire year to make sure that it is successful.

The Pow Wow Committee for most pow wows is made up of volunteers, who may or may not be sanctioned by the tribal government or organization, but who are responsible for making sure all arrangements for the pow wow are made.

Members of the committee are respected members of the community and are usually able to get the support of the community in helping with the various jobs or activities that need to be carried out prior to, during, and after the pow wow.

The Pow Wow Committee  usually divides into sub-subcommittees who do the planning, fund-raising, publicity, set the dates (although most established pow wows occur on the same weekend in the same month each year), make rules, set policy for any incidents that may arise during the pow wow, arrange for security, assign the order of spaces for food vendors, craft booths, guest drums, etc .

To show their appreciation for the honor of serving on the committee and for the community’s cooperation, the pow wow committee members, or at least subcommittee heads, will usually have a give-away during the pow wow.

Head Staff

The Head Staff are usually the heads of different aspects of the visible operations of the pow wow. Often the Pow Wow Committee chair is designated as Head Staff.

Other persons designated as Head Staff are usually the announcer(s), head or host drum, head man dancer, head lady dancer, head boy dancer, head girl dancer, arena director, head judge, (sometimes drum keeper, water carrier, etc.).

Each member of the head staff has responsibilities which they are called upon during the pow wow to carry out.