Pima Legend of the First People


Last Updated: 18 years

AUTHOR: Pima Legend, Myth, Oral Story

Pima legend of how the first man and first woman were made.

Earthmaker had been wandering around and going nowhere. He was hot and dirty.

When he rubbed the sweat and dust from his brow he made a very small ball. The ball, which was held in the palm of his hand, tipped over 3 times. Finally, it stopped and Earth was created.

Earthmaker saw that no one was on Earth, so after he rubbed his chest, he made 2 little dolls with the dirt which rubbed off his chest. He carefully laid them upon the Earth. This was the creation of the first Man and Woman.

They increased in numbers until they filled the Earth. They were perfect people and there was never any sickness or death. But eventually, the Earth became too crowded and they began to fight with each other. Many died in battle.