Northwest Indian College offers college courses via video conferencing


Last Updated: 3 years

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Author: Lummigirl

Starting in September of 2003 Northwest Indian College has begun offering college courses via video conferencing. It is fairly simple to get set-up for these classes. Northwest Indian College is located on the “Lummi Nation Reservation” in Bellingham, Washington, just south from the Canandian border.

Northwest Indian College offers courses such as English, Science, Mathematics, Arts, and Speech. We are hoping to get a K20 program going again in the near future, which is a “Teacher Preparation” four year course.

We have already graduated many native americans in the K20 course and they are now working as productive native american teachers, teaching native americans.

We are very proud of this program and are hoping to get funding to offer this course again. Please visit our website to find out more.