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Religion & Spirituality Index

The diversity of American Indian tribes precludes a comprehensive examination of their religions and their spirituality belief systems. Anthropologists have compiled a huge trove of information detailing practices and beliefs of many different groups; this information on religion and spirituality remains isolated from popular culture. While there is a proliferation of popularized versions of Native American spirituality, these are often not the products of the tribes or their members.

The religious beliefs and practices of many groups are sectarian derivatives of other native groups, and there is also a significant infusion of Christianity, and more recently, New Age spirituality beliefs and practices permeating these traditional beliefs.

The origins of contemporary Native American religion, and that of their recent ancestors, can be traced back 30,000 to 60,000 years. The religion and spirituality of Native Americans has developed from the hunting taboos, animal ceremonialism, beliefs in spirits, and shamanism embraced by their early ancestors and passed down in oral histories and traditions.

Beyond the directly inherited traditional Native American religions, a wide body of modified sects abounds.

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Latest Native American Religion and Spirituality Articles

Latest Native American Religion & Spirituality Articles

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