Historical Speeches

Historical Speeches


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Dohasan II 1862 cowardly white man speech

Dohasan II, the greatest chief in the history of the Kiowa tribe, in 1833 succeeded A‛dáte, who had been deposed for having allowed his people to be surprised and massacred by the Osage in that year. It was chiefly through … Continue reading

Red Cloud’s last words to his people

Red Cloud gave this farewell address to the Lakota people on July 4, 1903, as he anticipated death approaching. 

Speech by Farmer’s Brother at Genesse River, November 21, 1798

The following speech was delivered in a public council at Genesse River, November 21, 1798, by Ho-na-ya-wus, commonly called Farmer’s brother; and, after being written as interpreted, it was signed by the principal chiefs present, and sent to the legislature of the state of New-York.