Native American Activists

Native American activism and activists

The month of November is often the only time students learn about Native Americans, and usually in the past tense or  as helpless “wards of the state.”

Native American movements and activists have continued to struggle for sovereignty, dignity, and justice for their communities in the last century, and even this decade.

Many brave native american activists continue the fight for equality even today. 

American Indian Movement (AIM)


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AIM Casualties on or near Pine Ridge Reservation, 1973-1976

The Guardians Of Oglala Nation (known by the acronym GOONs) were thugs hired by then Tribal Chairman Dick Wilson, paid with federal money, and trained by FBI/CIA personel. Many were actually off-duty BIA police. It is alleged the Goon Squad … Continue reading

Traditional War Stories & Wounded Knee 1973

Many of our people have forgotten the traditional way “War Stories” are used and respected in the sacred ceremonies of the people of the Sundance and Pipe, we who have always lived in the center of our turtle island. Long … Continue reading