Famous Miami

Famous Miami Chiefs and Contemporary People

Jean Baptiste de Richardville (Peshewa) - 19th-century chief

Francis Godfroy (Palawonza) - Miami Chief

Loni Hoots - Poet, member of the Miami tribe by birth.

Francis La Fontaine - Last principal chief of the united Miami tribe

Little Turtle (Mishikinakwa) - Famous 18th-century war chief.

Pacanne - 18th-century chief

Papakeecha (Flat Belly, referring to a bed-bug). A Miami chief whose village, commonly known as Flat Belly’s Village, was east of Turkey Lake, at the present Indian Village, Noble County, Indiana.

Frances Slocum (Maconaquah) - Adopted member of the Miami tribe.

Tetinchoua - A powerful 17th-century Miami chief

William Wells (Apekonit) - Adopted member of the Miami tribe

Miami Tribes Today:

Miami Nation of Indiana (U)
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (F)


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Little Turtle, Miami Chief

Little Turtle was a Miami chief, who fought several battles with the United States in the 1790s, which was referred to at the time as Little Turtle’s War (now known as the Northwest Indian War). In 1791, his warriors defeated General St. Clair, who lost 623 men, the most decisive loss by the US against Native American forces ever.